About me (Cameron)

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Wants and values

My wants and values go together so I am putting them together

-Nice house

-A large amount of money

-A job I love

-A family


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I want to have a handful of close friends that I hangout with regularly and talk to about everything

Things I need

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I need money to pay for my house and my groceries, as well as anything else I may need down the road
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I need a good GPA so I have the ability to go to better schools and get an even better education so I have access to more jobs.

Financial Goal

Financial Goal: I’m going to save $40.00s a month just to have a larger amount of spending money and I will achieve this buy working around my house everyday until I graduate high school in 2017
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Educational Goal

To maintain a 4.000 GPA by doing all of my assignments and studying for tests for the next two years.
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