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December 18, 2015

6 Tevet 5776

Important Reminders

  • Wednesday, December 23- 12:30 Dismissal- No Afternoon LM Busing

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

When something goes wrong, how do you react? Do you bounce back and carry on or do you fall apart and feel paralyzed? There has been a great deal published about resilience, the ability for someone to use their inner strength to rebound from a setback or challenge, and how to develop resilience in ourselves and in our children.

Two primary ingredients in our recipe for resilience are emunah and bitachon. Rav Dessler wrote in Michtav Me-Eliyahu that emunah, or faith, is our knowledge of God's existence and bitachon, or trust in God, is the impact that that knowledge has on our soul.

Throughout the past several parshiot, Yaakov encounters one incredible challenge after another. His brother Esav wants to kill him, he has to wait for 14 years before he can marry Rachel, Rachel and Leah are jealous of each other, Rachel battles infertility, his daughter Dina is raped, his beloved wife Rachel dies in childbirth, his children are in conflict with each other, he believes that Yosef is dead, there is a famine, and he has to leave Israel in order to go to Mitzrayim.

Yaakov had a direct relationship with Hashem that solidified his emunah and bitachon, and which we can imagine led to his resilience to persevere despite the many challenges that he faced. Maaseh avot siman li-banim, the deeds of the ancestors are a sign for the children. We can learn from Yaakov to turn to Hashem when we are faced with challenging situations. We can believe that Hashem will be with us every step of our lives just like Hashem was with Yaakov every step of his life journey. We can use our emunah and bitachon to be resilient and overcome the challenges that we face on our own personal journeys.

Looking forward to seeing you at Shabbat Shel Ruach at KYHS!

Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs. Becky Troodler

Re-Registration for 2016-2017 School Year

Reminder to please fill out the re-registration form and submit your tuition deposit of $400 either by credit card through the website or by mailing a check.

Please make every effort to submit the re-registration forms and the tuition deposit by December 23, 2015.

YLS Suggested Annual Donation

As the calendar year comes to a close, we would like to remind you about the suggested donation for parents, accompanying each tuition level in our groundbreaking trust-based tuition model.

The YLS suggested donation levels are listed here.

Please consider making this tax-deductible gift before the end of this calendar year. You can make this gift online by clicking here or by sending a check payable to Yeshiva Lab School, 612 Montgomery Ave, Narberth, PA 19072.

Important Calendar Dates

Friday, December 18- 1:30 Dismissal- No Afternoon LM Busing

Wednesday, December 23- 12:30 Dismissal- No Afternoon LM Busing

Thursday December 24- Friday, January 1- Winter Vacation, No School

Monday, January 4- School Resumes

Friday, January 22 and Monday, January 25- Mid-Winter Recess, No School

Wednesday, February 3- Teacher Professional Growth and Collaboration - No School

Monday, February 15- President’s Day -No School