Tenth Grade Parent Night

Thursday, January 13th

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Parents Of All Tenth Graders Must Attend!

Dear Parents and Students,

Please attend our Tenth Grade Parent Night on Thursday, January 13th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm. This evening will offer parents of tenth-graders presentations on essential topics. It will be a live event at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. This is a scheduled event, and we ask all parents to arrive by 6:00 pm so that you do not miss the opportunity to hear any of the important presentations.

Jacqueline C. (parent) shared last year at Parent Council that the Tenth Grade Presentation is

The best presentation/meeting for all four years. It should be mandatory for all parents to attend.”

Four Essential Presentations for Parents

We will offer parents four presentations on the following topics:

How to go out on Co-Op or Internship in Future Years and Perkins Information: Parents, learn all the information needed to help support your student in obtaining a Co-Op position while in school. You will also get an overview of our Perkins Federal Grant.

MCAS Preparations/Parent Support: Get an overview of how the MCAS exam affects your student’s graduation and how your student’s achievement can provide a scholarship for after high school. There will also be an overview of support systems available at Cape Cod Tech.

Guidance Overview: Learn all about career planning, PSATs, SATs, college search, and the ASVAB. School Counselors will also provide information so you can safely support your teen as they navigate today’s high school social scene.

The Dangers of Vaping: This workshop will provide information on the dangers of vaping and other substances for parents and their students. It will also share with parents the new age of marijuana.

All workshops will take about 25 minutes and include question and answer sessions.


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Parents and Guardians,

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