Native Americans

by genebatchelder

The Government took land from the Native Americans

The Government is moving in the western-plains where the Native Americans live on. Like the Black hill's the Government said that you Native Americans get to keep your lands like the Black hill's when the railroad’s put in but the whites had a problem they had buffalo so they were going on the track so they hired to kill the buffalo's so the Native Americans upset because the whites are killing the buffalo’s to extinct and then the whites saw an opportunity in the Black hills to mine coal and the whites thoughts that the Native Americans will angry to the whites to move into the reservations camp’s but the Native Americans desire to move out of the landes but some Native Americans move to the reservation camp’s and the ones that went to the reservation camp’s didn't gev the lands to the whites Government but the whites Government sent a Government representative to make a deal to the Native Americans so the Native Americans cat get a separate lade’s to Native Americans and they each lands to one Native Americans but the Native Americans didn’t agree with the whites because the Native Americans believe that the lade’s didn’t belong to anybody but the whites coupon coming.

The u.s Gov.more than 100,000 Native America to move off their land.

The u.s. Gov. Forces more than 100,000 Native America to move off their land.

Those Native American unwilling to give up their land were killed. Native American traditions like the Ghost Dance where miss understood by the white man. The white man took their dance as a “war Dance” which caused the white man to fear them.Caused panic and kill Native Americans.
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