Everything about manatees

Species of manatees

Manatees are mammals. There are three types of manatees. One species is the Amazonian Manatee, it lives in the Amazon river. Another one is the west african manatee that lives on the west coast of africa. West indian manatees live in waters around north and south America.

Manatee Life cycle

Manatees go threw stages of a life cycle. Manatees are born one at a time and weigh 70 Pounds. At one to three months old they can start to eat plants. Male manatees mature at 9 years old and female manatees mature at 4-5 years old. At two years old they find a new place to live. When manatees are mature they can mate. Adult manatees weigh about 1000 pounds. In the wild they live for about 60 years.

Manatees Vs. Dugongs

There are many differences and similarities between manatees and dugongs. They are both sirens. A manatee does not have a split tail but a dugong does have one. They both have a big head and small eyes and they both have the same shape. They are both endangered and they are both herbivores. Manatees live in the amazon river, the coast of west Africa, and north and south America but dugongs live in the red sea and the pacific ocean.

Keeping Warm

Manatees produce little heat in their bodies, but their blubber does not keep them warm in cold water. When the water becomes cold the manatees gather in warm spots. When the temperature drops manatees migrate to warmer waters. Some species travel upto 500 miles from their home weather.


Did you know manatees are endangered? In most countries it is illegal to kill or hunt manatees. There are also a lot of power plants near the manatees water. But there are ways you could help. One way you could help is to spread the word about manatees being endangered. Another way manatees are saved is people take them to conservation organizations to help them heal and then let them go into the wild.