A Long Way Gone

By Ishmael Beah Created By Parker Cox

Character Internlization

Ishmael is a good hearted teen age boy who is up beat, but when rebels attack his city he has to survive against all the odds he is still strong willed to survive and continue you to live and make it out of his situation alive.

Historical Event to Present Event

The rebels taking over cities in the story like isis does today ,but the only difference is that this is in Syria instead of Africa.
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Cutlass- A short sword with a slightly curved blade, formerly used by sailors. This is the one of the weapons Ishmael uses in the story as a tool/weapon.

Abandoned- having been deserted or cast off. When Ishmael visits the city with the 7 boys and they come across an old man who was abandoned with city in his abandoned town.


Man Vs Society

The rebels take over Ishmael's city and he has to try to make it out of the city, survive, and make his family make it out alive and with him.

Man Vs Self

Ishmael loses his family and friends after the main attacks and has to try to survive by himself.


The setting of the story goes from Ishmaels town in Africa living a good life to being attacked and having to run out of the city and ends up by himself on a creek bed, to living with 7 boys and going into an abandoned city.
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