Distance Learning


Letter to SVDP Community

Dear SVDP Community,

This past week, part of the SVDP Mission Statement rings truer than ever. We stress “working in partnership with the parents,” and you all have risen to the challenge. We are grateful for the continued communications about what is working and not working at each grade level and appreciate that we can all learn from our challenges and successes. In an effort to keep these lines of communication open, once a week, we will provide links to resources and updates to our own internal plans via newsletter.


NCEA Webinar Registration: Tuesday, March 24th

Seemingly overnight, you have become a home school parent, most likely, while also trying to figure out how to transition yourself to working from home or facing other stressors. Schools are trying to quickly adapt by setting up virtual lessons, online planning and keeping the learning going but all of this can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a teaching background! This webinar event is open to parents, educators, administrators, caregivers or anyone that needs some practical help RIGHT NOW in managing a transition to distance learning, establishing routines, discipline, navigating all the online tools that are out there and trying to keep sane. Share this event with your parents, networks or friends.


  • Creating a learning space for your children.
  • Establishing and keeping routines.
  • Managing multiple grade levels.
  • Communication with the school.
  • Tools and Tips for keeping organized.
  • Time for Q&A with our presenters.
  • Resources

Click the button above to register for 9:00 PT or 3:00 PT.


Co-Curriculars begin on Tuesday:

Our middle school students have been working with Hermana Dulce this past week to continue their Spanish education. Beginning tomorrow, we will be introducing more co-curricular content to our online learning at all grade levels. This will include art, music, digital arts, PE and Shakespearience!

Most of these classes are self-directed and flexible, meaning that there isn't a set time of day for students to complete. After taking a break for lunch and/or some play time, students can then move into homework and co-curricular activities. It will be helpful to refer to your weekly classroom schedule and have students visit co-curriculars on the days they would normal have them. For example, PE classes take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, so students can participate in those activities on those given days.

Our goal is to utilize a blended learning platform of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities (see below) for our students throughout the day with a focus on the core subjects of religion, ELA, math, social studies, and science.

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Based on parent distance learning survey feedback, and the teachers' own experiences last week, each grade level is enhancing their daily agendas and they will be posted in the near future.


Tips & Tricks for Students Learning at Home

1. Set up an area for yourself designated for learning. (You should still be sitting in a chair, and definitely far away from your couch or bed.)

2. If possible, try and find a quiet space where you will have less distractions from siblings, parents, the television etc. (It won’t always be possible, but when you can!)

3. Put away your phone/close out of chat functions on your computer during lessons so that you can have your full attention on your learning. (Then when it is time for recess, lunch, or after school you can spend lots of time socializing!)

4. Make sure to have everything you need for classes within arm’s reach before school starts each day. (Just like you would be prepared with books to switch from class to class.)

5. Continue to keep your binder organized in case teachers ask you to complete something to bring in once school resumes. (You don’t want to be digging through piles of things right before we get back to school.)

5. At the end of the day clean up your space to help you prepare for the following day.

6. Make sure that you continue to follow a routine by getting up and getting out of pajamas, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, etc.

7. Take some time to have a break. It can be a long day on the computer, so get up and stretch, move around, go for a walk, and have some fun!



Every school day our students are required to respond to our ROLL CALL form*. It will be emailed out every morning at 7:30am and remain open till 8:30am. If you miss the opening time, please email attendance@svdpsf.com.


Together we are...SVDP

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