Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume IV, No. 2

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.

Building a Team

As the school year was starting, Yulee Primary School worked together to build their teamwork skills. Go Hornets!

Going Virtual

Mrs. Lendry, at Southside Elementary School, shared her distance learning classroom setup. Here is a picture of my virtual classroom set up. She has enjoyed working with her 2nd-grade students through Canvas and Teams.

Virtual Learning

Whether on-campus or learning virtual, students in Mrs. Whicker's class are still showcasing their work in the hallways of Emma Love Hardee Elementary. The distance learning students' first online assignment, "All About Me", became posters that hung in the hallway.


Big picture

Yulee Middle School's Cafeteria Staff won the 2019-2020 Nassau County School Food and Nutrition Services Department's BEST IN SPIRIT award. Every year, each school kitchen team competes for the most positive team spirit and teamwork. They get spirit points from their director for showing good teamwork, great enthusiasm and helping their kitchen succeed.

The Cafeteria Staff were excited and are eager to keep their award for this school year as well. They said, "We love everyone at YMS and it is always our goal as a team to provide the best service and yummiest meals to everyone with a smile!"


Proud Displays

Students at Bryceville Elementary School are working hard and showcasing their work for others to see.

Teachers & Sons

Southside Elementary's teachers, Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Wood, and Ms. Johnson, posed with their sons on the first day of school. Their sons, Ethan (6th), Nolan (2nd), and Jonathan (5th) were ready to start their year.

Big picture

The 2nd-grade team at Southside Elementary celebrated their great first day of school with a little playtime on the playground.


Big picture

The distance learning teachers at Hilliard Elementary are living proof that "Teachers can do virtually anything!" Their passion for education, support for each other, and love for their students has made the greatest impact as we embark on this new adventure!

HES Virtual Teachers- Jessica Westberry (1st grade), Debbie Parr (Kindergarten), Stephanie Fortier (4th grade), Lauren Stemle (4th grade), Danielle Stewart (5th grade), Kelsey Harris (5th grade), Kayla Stivers (3rd grade)

Making Virtual Happen

Callahan Elementary is proud of all of their teachers and were happy with their awesome distance learning teachers kicking off the first week of school virtual style. These teachers are so dedicated and positive. They have spent countless hours prepping for student assessments, creating Canvas courses, communicating with parents, and being creative when plans didn't happen as expected. At Callahan Elementary, they had four virtual classrooms with a total of 93 students.


Heroes in Callahan

Dr. Cason and Mrs. Thompson welcomed their Callahan Intermediate School Teaches back in superhero fashion! Teachers created a superhero name, decorated a superhero cape, and participated in a superhero team building distancing style!

September was SUPER at CIS! Throughout the month of September, the school implemented various superhero activities. Each Thursday, faculty, staff, and students got dressed up to have a little fun while learning. Super September was meant to empower all the SUPER things going on within the school.

Heroes in Action

Click here to see the CIS Superheroes!

Target Supports Learning

A huge THANK YOU to Target for donating 270 bags for the Westside Virtual students. The bags were used to gather any textbooks, paperwork, and Chromebooks for distance learning students.

Virtual Guest

David Shiffman, an interdisciplinary marine conservation biologist, whose research focuses on the ecology and conservation of chondrichthyan fishes, was a virtual guest speaker for the 7th-grade Gifted Science class at Fernandina Beach Middle. The students researched Mr. Shiffman prior to the visit to learn more about him and generate questions to ask him.

On the day of the visit, they met in the Media Center and had a virtual session with Mr. Shiffman. He spoke about his educational background, how he got into the field of researching sharks, some of his favorite memories from his career, and more. The students asked him a variety of questions about his research, his favorite sharks, and of course his feelings towards shark week.

Everyone enjoyed his visit and he is highly recommended to schedule having him "visit" your classroom. He is providing this service for free for public schools. His email is


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