St. Peter's Basilica

Statues, Architecture and Paintings

The Statues of St. Peter's Basilica

There are 140 statues on the top of the basilica. They each represent a different saint. They do not know exactly how many statues are inside the basilica because there are many doors not open to the public and many places that people do not know are there. most of the statues that are inside of it are of Mary or Jesus. But there are also many of St. Peter and the disciples.

Paintings inside the St. Peter's Basilica

Some of the artwork depicts gods love for people and how he will always forgive. But there is also artwork that shows the saints and dispels. In the paintings of the saints it resembles all the saints watching you and looking out for you and making sure you are okay. The artwork in the Basilica is like nothing you will ever see anywhere else. There is also a lot of beautiful pictures of Jesus.

The Dome

The paintings on the inside of the dome depict the event of bible verses in genesis. It shows the creation of earth. It is the most beautiful painting ever made and to see it is a honor. The Artist Michelangelo is one of the most known artist of all time and his works are absolutely stunning. The Dome is a must see painting to everyone.

The Building and Renovations.

The building of St. Peters basilica was originally made in between the 300-400's. But in 1506 it was renovated because it was beginning to fall. During the rebuilding it was vastly changed. The set up and columns were replaced and there were many parts added on to it. Including the basement sector which is the burial site or over 100 popes and saints. including the first pope Peter. There are also many sectors that people do not know about and to the public don't even exist.
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St. Peter's Basilica is one of the most known buildings in the world. it also goes by the Vatican. The Vatican is the whole building not just the church. The Vatican is the home of the pope and it is a huge symbol of faith and love. The Vatican is one of the biggest projects of the Renaissance. For more info please contact us at or our land line is 507-934-5623