Cordelia Hills Staff Update



So many of you are arriving extremely early and staying really late. We are communicating at all times of the day and night and I recognize how hard you are working and how you're trying to get this right from the start. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. I encourage you as much as possible to take time away from opening your work, especially on the weekends. As a reminder, I am pledging not to send you anything over the weekend unless it is an absolute emergency. I will obviously respond to your questions/texts over the weekend.

This has been an especially difficult week watching another Black man shot by law enforcement and then seeing the resulting wide spread unrest. The state of our community and the impact of these events weigh heavy on my mind and heart. I look forward to working together to create a more just community for all of our students.

Have a great weekend and week and please don't be afraid to pepper me with questions.

Back to School Night (BTSN)

Back to School Night will still be held, albeit virtually, on Tuesday, September 1. It will still take place from 6-7:30.

-I will provide a recorded presentation to you and to families ahead of the event

-Typically, for BTSN, you would hold two presentations for parents to come in and hear from you and to ask questions. You can still follow that model if you wish.

-Many of you have had very in-depth conversations with families regularly already and may want to do something slightly different. Ideas include:

1. Hosting an open Q and A

2. Addressing upcoming assessments

3. Hosting community building activities

4. Talking about the next few weeks of activities in class

5. Giving families tips and tricks for working at home.

Clearly, many of you have been busting butt to communicate with your families. Don't feel like this has to be the fancy presentation of previous years. Just connect with families and make it a good use of their time. That is what matters.

Either way, please communicate with your families your session times (must be somewhere between 6-7:30), please make sure you give them clear directions how to access the Virtual Google Meet, and please place your meet link for the evening here:

Code and Session Times


Attendance Taking

We still have many classes with no attendance taken each day. Please submit attendance no later than 5:30 PM each day. If you are struggling to get it done or have questions, please let me know.

Y is for those that have participated in distance learning (synchronous, asynchronous, or both). W is for those that didn't participate at all. This gives more details: Attendance During Distance Learning I can help walk you through the process, if needed. All corrections should be messaged to both me and Sandi until we get an attendance clerk.

Some of you asked about marking Y-Asynchronous if a student does their work after the end of the school day (maybe the parent was at work and came home and helped with the work). I am fine with you marking later but if they end up not doing anything and you need to change the mark, please email me and and we will update it.

The bigger picture is that attendance accounting AND engaging students is slightly different. A student can be logging in or doing some work and get a Y but not really truly engaging with the learning. That is an issue and we will need to work to engage families on the barriers that exist.

Chromebook Distribution/Chromebook Repairs/HOT SPOTS

Chromebook Distribution

CB distribution Is still underway to families. Email or have families email her. She will arrange a time for pick-up. Some families are using their own and that is okay but remember district assessments must take place on a District CB.

Chromebook Repair/Replacement

We are experiencing a large number of Chromebook breaks with the ones newly delivered by TSS. Have families fill this form out: Maily will receive the form and will arrange a time for pick-up/repair.


If a family needs internet support, one option is a hotspot. If you have a family that needs a hotspot, please email me. I currently have requests from several of you but am waiting on the actual hotspots to be delivered so thank you for the patience!

Materials Distribution

The scheduled pick-up times for Materials/Curriculum are complete. Thank you so much to Maily and those that stood with her for a TREMENDOUS job handing out hundreds of bags. Wow! A few things:

1. If families still have bags for pick-up, please ask that families knock on the library door opposite the main office from 9-2. Maily may not be there and so they may need to wait or knock on the office door for assistance. They can also email me for times outside of the 9-2 window.

2. Some requested items did not arrive yet and so they weren't included. If a family needs specific materials, they can message me at and we will provide a kit of basic materials.

3. 2nd grade, I will email you separately about an issue.

Packets/Paper Materials

Some of you have asked about getting paper materials to families. I am fine with that. I currently have Thursday as our scheduled day for pick-up. If you have families that need paper packets of materials, ESPECIALLY K/1, then get me the materials by Thursday and I will get them distributed them to families between 9-2 on those days (I am flexible).

Remember, we can't request that they HAVE to print materials. Also, packets/paper can't substitute for Daily Live Interaction. Sending a packet of work home won't cut it for participation in distance learning. It can only be a supplement to the robust learning you are giving online.

Online Training

The following training's must be completed by every staff member:

There will be time on the first workday but I know some of you would rather just get them done now. You don't need to alert me to their completion as the system tracks that. I would keep a certificate or screenshot in case someone doesn't believe you finished them.

Site Safety Protocols

1. Please email/text anytime you expect to be on campus before your scheduled contract day.

2. Please complete the self-screener before coming in to campus. You don't need to submit the screener each time. Please notify me if you are ill.

3. All staff must wear a mask at all times while working at their work stations or in classrooms with others. A mask must be worn by classified staff even when they are socially distanced. Staff who is working alone in a room or building may take their mask off.

4. While staff are working and having conversations with one another, ensure they maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing and are wearing a mask.

5. Staff Lounge may be used to warm up food or to store food (currently). Please wear a mask and distance in the lounge.

6. Please contact the office before entering.

7. The staff workroom is accessible but please wear a mask and remember to distance.