Assesment for Learning

Effective assesments for the 21st century classroom

Following five key strategies your child will recieve optimum lesson plans

Students will be assured a lesson plan that it is understood while being creative, informative and fully retainable. Students will always know where they stand within a lesson as well as be taught how to aid each other and learn from one another. Ultimately, students will be held accountable for their own learning.

Summative and Formative Assessments

Both Summative and Formative assessments are used in junction with one another to ascertain the best possible lesson plan and overall outcome at the end of each semester. Formative assessments are given within each lesson, sometimes daily in the form of question answer sessions and journal entries. If a topic isn't sticking, the lesson plan is changed. At the end of the segment they are given presentations and state tests to show what they did fully retain.

Lesson Techniques

Using 21st century techniques and modern technology, students will engage the teacher as well as each other for optimum learning and assessment. Students will be free to blog about their lessons that the teachers can access at any time to review their thoughts and what they have retained. Applications accessible from smart phones and computers will be offered for students to do homework on as well as communicate with one another to ensure their independence and learning capability is reached in this modern world.