GVE COVID Closure Update

Sept. 29, 2020

Dear BGV Parents,

GVE will continue online through the remainder of this week.

Currently, we do not have the staffing required to re-engage GVE students with face to face learning - our GVE staff are required to self-quarantine due to being exposed to COVID-19.

On Friday afternoon, you will receive a communication (via Smore) from Principal Meyers regarding whether or not we’ll be able to staff GVE next week for face-to-face learning. If we have enough staff available to adequately staff GVE, we’ll offer face to face learning next week.

What has to happen for us to staff GVE for face-to-face learning next week?

  1. Staff member has to be symptom-free to be at GVE
  2. Staff member has a COVID-negative test
  3. If we have enough staff who are COVID-negative and symptom-free - they'll be asked to return to work wearing a mask (for next week) and getting temperature - checked in the morning (for the next week) (exposed staff will wear a mask - not the students... though students are welcome to).

Friday morning Principal Meyers will collect the information required to make a decision, to determine if we have enough healthy staff to staff GVE (with the use of BGV staff and subs).

Friday afternoon, you will receive a Smore communication from Principal Meyers to let you know if next week will be offered only through Google Classroom or if face to face learning will be available. As always, you may opt to use Google Classroom even when face-to-face learning is available.

Irregardless of whether or not GVE returns to face-to-face learning next week, 3rd grade will continue with Google Classroom through next week.

What is being done to minimize disruption to our students/education?

Supt. Cantrell is working with the Idaho Association of School Administrators, SWDH, legal counsel and other local superintendents to develop a proposal that would decrease (but not eliminate) the amount of time a student/staff would be required to self-quarantine upon exposure.

Supt. Cantrell hopes to have this proposal ready for discussion at the Oct. Board Mtg (Oct. 13)

Meanwhile, BGV will continue to follow our re-entry plan which is based on CDC and SWDH recommendations.