Consumer Rights

By: Dylan Aponte and Mason Boevers

What is a Consumer

A consumer is a person who aquiers goods and or services for their own private use and and not for resale.

EXAMPLE: Sherry buys BBQ sauce for her family's BBQ. She is a consumer for buying a product for private use.

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Your Rights

You have the right to safety

This means you can use the product safly without any harm.

The right to be informed

This means you have the right to have the product information to make good decisions when buying the products.

The right to choose

The right to choose means you have the right to to decide what you buy and when you buy it.

The right to satisfaction of basic needs

This means you have the right to food, water, shelter, and other basic needs.

The right to be heard

Means that you as a consumer have the right to speak out against a company for falsely advertising their product so that you would by Itheir product and not get what you paid for.

The right to redress

This means you have the right to a "refund" of faulty or unsafe good and or services.

The right to consumer education

You have the right to information to make confident chooses when buying goods and services.

The right to a healthy environment

This means you have the right to a healthy and safe place to live.

Why You have them

You have your rights to keep things fair and safe. If there wasn't more then one company selling a product they could charge ridiculous prices for their product. If the things you bought were didn't have safty standards a company could make unsafe products. That's why we need these rights.

EXAMPLE: sherry was buying BBQ souce that was healthy. It even said that on the label. But when she looked at the fine print it wasn't at all.


John and his son Billy were playing lawn darts. John went to go and get the darts out of the ground when Billy foun another one. When he threw it it hit John and he was hurt. This is why we have our rights, so that you don't get hurt in the first place, and if you do so you get compensation. (Lawn darts were banned from the U.S. and manny other contries because this happened so much).

EXAMPLE: Sherry went to the public library, because they were hosting a Consumor Science.

EXAMPLE: Sherry works at a factory. They have to make sure it's a safe environment

EXAMPLE: Sherry didn't like a present so she returned it.

EXAMPLE: Sherry joined a blog that talked about products that are faulty

EXAMPLES: Sherry read the lables on the back of the box.

EXAMPLES: Sherry was getting food stamps.