Holston Middle Counseling Update

Ms. Ault & Ms. Jackson

Quarter 2 Newlsetter

Holston School Counselors

As your school counselors, we are committed to supporting the academic, career, and personal development of all students. We are involved in many aspects of student support including individual counseling, peer mediation, academic planning, career exploration, and a variety of other school activities.

This quarterly newsletter will serve as a way for parents and students to know current events and information coming through the counseling department. Each newsletter will contain upcoming lesson topics, events, and parenting resources.

Mission Statement

Holston Middle School’s counseling program strives to work collaboratively with school staff, parents, and the community to meet the specific and varied academic, personal, and social needs of each student. Our goal is to instill a desire for learning within an atmosphere that respects all cultures, values, and perspectives.

Classroom Counseling This Quarter

Classroom counseling is a series of classroom lessons presented by school counselors and designed to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their academic, personal/social, and college/career development.

This year, students will have 1-2 classroom counseling lessons per quarter. Each newsletter will give an overview of the topics covered in each grade level each quarter. The classroom curriculum has been sequenced through Knox County Schools utilizing the TN State Counseling Standards.

Erin's Law

By law, schools are required to address personal safety skills and assertiveness skills with students. Holston has chosen to address these standards through the quarterly PE classes. This lesson will focus mainly on KCS policies on harassment and bullying and how to report if these things occur.

For more information on Erin's law or how to talk with your student about abuse, visit http://www.erinslaw.org/.

Big picture

Holston's 2nd Annual College & Career Week

For the second year in a row, staff and students will be celebrating College and Career week with activities and guest speakers to get our students thinking about career exploration. Each morning we will have announcements to support the theme of the day. Teachers may also include career related activities in their classrooms. Take this time to talk to your student about the importance of planning for your future early!

November 26-30 Spirit Week

11/26: Middle School Monday - Your Future Starts Now! (dress in Holston gear)

11/27: Transition to High School Tuesday (dress in high school gear)

11/28: What I Want to Be Wednesday (dress as your dream career)

11/29: College Team Thursday (dress in your favorite college gear)

11/30: Bright Futures Friday (wear neon/bright colors)

8th Grade Only

Magnet High Schools Visit (11/29): Representatives from our area magnet high schools will be at Holston to showcase their programs of study. Students will be able to speak to representatives from Austin East Performing Arts, L&N STEM, and Career Magnet Academy.

Ruthie Cawood from Student Outreach Services (11/29): Ruthie will be here to discuss the transition to high school and beyond with our 8th grade students. She will explain graduation requirements, how to make the most out of high school, and planning for college and career.

Career Day for 8th Graders (11/30): Members of our community have been invited to come in and expose our 8th grade students to the world of work and postsecondary options in small session format.

Big picture

Stuck in the Middle

Most will agree that the middle school years can be the toughest for parents and students alike. Each newsletter will include an article or resource that may assist with parenting your middle school student.

Parent Action Plan: Middle School (from CollegeBoard)

Middle school is important because your child is laying the foundation in a lot of subjects and forming study habits. Developing certain skills now will make it easier for your child to adjust to the challenges of high school and college later — and will lead to more college options.

Here are some things you and your child can do to make the most of this time.

  • Help your child set goals for the year. Working toward specific goals will help your child stay motivated and focused.
  • Review the school calendar together. Note important dates and put them in a shared online calendar or in an easy-to-view place, such as a bulletin board in your kitchen.
  • Make a plan to check in regularly about schoolwork. If you keep up with your child's tests, papers and homework assignments, you can celebrate successes and head off problems as a team. Get homework tips for your child.
  • Talk about extracurricular activities. Getting involved in clubs and other groups is a great way for your child to identify interests and feel more engaged in school. Read more about the benefits of extracurriculars.
  • Discuss ways to take on challenges. Encourage your child to take the most-challenging courses that he or she can handle. Tackling tough courses can give your child confidence and prepare him or her for higher-level high school classes.
  • Come up with fun reading ideas. Look for magazines or newspapers your child may like and talk about the books you loved reading when you were your child’s age. If your family makes reading enjoyable, it can become a daily habit.
  • Visit a nearby college together. If you live near a college, look for upcoming events on campus that are open to the community or see if the college offers classes to local children and families. Just being on a campus may get your child interested in college.
  • Get the big picture on paying for college. It’s not too early to learn the basics of financial aid.

For more tips on talking to your student about College and Career, visit https://www.marioncityschools.org/schools/grant-middle-school/programs/gear-up/a-parents-guide-to-talking-careercollege-in-middle-school.

Need to speak with a counselor?

If you have questions or concerns regarding your student or any of the items listed above, we are happy to speak with you! Please call the front office at 865-594-1300 or use the email for the appropriate counselor listed above.

You may also submit an online counseling referral through the following link: