by katie chambliss

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child labor

Child labor is what it said that kids are being labor to do work. Children are use to work many hours in the day. kids are working so hard that its harming them .They are take advantage of them in many way that an be physically or mentally.
Children work long hours' work harmful places, with no or little pay. Working takes away from school and much needed education. It doesn't help the economy grow or advance. Physically and mentally the children are deficient. Children are forced to work for punishment It is cruel and unfair. They should be given time to play and discover, use their imagination.

Why I want a monument for this

There should be a special place for children to gather and play. Have fun and laugh with no worries of labors. A monument would be a constent reminder of how important it is to be a child. To grow and explore and develop so when the time comes to have a career the child's body and minds are ready to work.
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where I want the monument to be

I would put a big playground monument in the heart of Afghanistan. Half of the population in Afghanistan are children. More than 30% of the young children are put to work in factories. My monument would have all different toys with careers like, airplanes, ships, fire trucks, and ambulances with doctor stuff to play with. so it could inspire young minds to think about what they're futures could be. Once a month I would gather at the monument to give out clothes, food and supplies to help families.
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