Susan B. Anthony

Asaija Patel

Woman Activists

Leader of the Women Suffrage Movement supporting voting equal rights for all people .

Born: February 15th , 1820

Died: March , 13, 1906

She developed sense of justice and Moral Steal

Buried: Mount Hope Cemetery Rochester, NY

Parents: Daniel Anthony, Lucy Read

Siblings: Daniel Read Anthony


  • Susan Brownell Anthony was an American social reformer and feminist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement. Lived in Rochester N.Y. After teaching for fifth teen years she became an activist , In temperance ,because she was a woman she could speak at temperance rallies. Which made her join woman rights in 1852, after awhile she dedicated herself to the woman's suffrage. She traveled gave speeches and lectured across the nation for the vote, also she campaigned to the abolition of slavery. Anthony who never married ,who was aggressive and compassionate, by nature .

Anthony and her family(Quaker ), In the Anti-slavery movement. Quaker family met there farm almost everyday Sunday , Anthony believes that woman's needed votes of the public influences woman's . Anthony and Stanton believes that the Republicans would always woman for there hard work and support for building the 13th amendment. She advocated dress reform for woman, she cut her hair and wore bloomer costume for a year before ridicule convinced her that this radical detracted from the other causes she supported. In 1875 she attacked the "Social Evil" of prostitution in a speech in Chicago, calling for equality in marriage in the workplace and at the ballot box to eliminate the need for woman to go on the streets. They were bitterly disappointment and disillusion when woman where excluded. Anthony continued for campaign equal rights for all American citizens.