Washington County Weekly 4-H Update

June 18, 2021


  1. Washington County 4-H Calendar
  2. 4-H Council Applications Now Being Accepted
  3. Washington County 4-H Family Livestock Judging Contest Results!
  4. 2021 Washington County Fair - Fairbooks are here!
  5. WCF Sign-ups Are Open (Booth, Pizza Stand, Pancake Feed, Volunteers)
  6. Let's Paint Runways Workshop Exhibit Information
  7. June Spotlight on 4-H
  8. Virtual and At-Home Learning Opportunities
  9. Other Statewide Events and Resources



June 18..................................................Office Closed - Juneteenth Holiday -

June 28 & 29...........................................PASE & Life Challenge Contests, East Campus-Lincoln

June 30...................................................State Public Speaking Contest, East Campus-Lincoln

July 8......................................................Pre-Entry Due for Washington County Fair

July 30 - August 4, 2021........................2021 Washington County Fair

Washington County 4-H Calendar

Did you know that you can find the Washington County 4-H Calendar on our webpage? View just the month or download and print the whole program year!

Visit https://go.unl.edu/washingtoncounty4hcalendar to view. As dates/events continue to be added we will update the calendar. The webpage will show the most recent date that the program calendar was updated!

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4-H Council Applications Now Being Accepted

The purpose of the Washington County 4-H Council is to promote and to assist in the planning and execution of the 4-H program. Apply to serve in an integral role to the Washington County 4-H Program. For the 2021 election, there are two adult full term (3 year) positions open and 6 youth full term (1 year) positions open. Applications can be found by going to https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/washington/washington-county-4-h-council/. Applications are to be sent to WashingtonCounty4h@unl.edu no later than 5 PM on Friday, July 23rd. Online Ballots will be announced when available.

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2021 Washington County Fair - July 30 to August 4

At this time we are planning to proceed with a "pre-Covid" fair schedule - much like the 2019 schedule. Updates will be provided as necessary regarding any Covid restrictions.

We hope you will join 4-H now and enjoy "FAIR FUN IN 21"

Fairbooks are in!! You may pick yours up in our office (1 per family please). You may also find the 2021 Fairbook at https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/washington/washington-county-4-h-fair-book/

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2021 WCF 4-H Sign Ups Are Open

It takes several people to ensure that the 4-H portion of the Washington County Fair runs smoothly. Consider volunteering for one of the many opportunities available. Opportunities include; Static and Contest help, Pancake Feed help, Pizza Stand help or volunteer to lead the morning Meet Me at the Flagpole. All are good opportunities for both adults and youth to directly be involved at the fair and learn more about the 4-H Program by being at the forefront of a large event. Sign ups and more information can be found at https://go.unl.edu/wcfsignups

Questions can be directed to Jaki at jaki.zahourek@unl.edu or by calling the Extension Office by 402-426-9455.

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Let’s Paint Runways Workshop Exhibit Information

Youth who attended the Painting workshop on Monday 06/14 here is information about entering your project at the County Fair. The painting may be exhibited under the following areas:

  • (Portfolio Pathways) Dept. C / Div. 261 / Class 1 Original Acrylic Painting
  • (Fine Arts) Dept. C / Div. 254 / Class 908 Acrylic

As the Fair Book reads: “Items should be ready for display in the home (pictures framed, wall hangings and pictures ready to hang, etc.) No single matt board or artist canvas panels allowed.” à This means all paintings will need to be prepared for exhibiting at the Fair before entry.

Don’t forget to provide supporting information with your exhibit (Home Environment Tag)

Please email WashingtonCounty4h@unl.edu or call 402-426-9455 if you have any questions about your item.

June Spotlight on 4-H

You'll find the June spotlight newsletter at: https://www.smore.com/73w9z

Virtual & At-Home Educational Resources

Looking for educational resources you can use from home? We've got you covered! 😉

Living Room Learning is back for summer 2021, and it’s a plus for everyone! Meet us in the kitchen on Wednesday, June 9th for Food+Science. Nebraska Extension Food, Nutrition & Health professionals will lead youth through an easy, microwavable food creation and a science experience using their favorite snacks. Participants will also get a chance to learn from a food scientist and create two projects to enter into the county fair! Pre-register at 4h.unl.edu/living-room-learning.

Online Insect ID Contest

The second annual online Insect ID Contest opens on June 4th! The contest is open to all youth regardless of enrollment and adults including parents, alumni, and volunteers. The contest will be available from Friday, June 4 through Monday, June 21, 2021. Learn more at 4h.unl.edu/oiic.

Online Horticulture Judging Contest

The annual online Horticulture Judging Contest opens on June 4th! The contest is open to all youth regardless of enrollment and adults including parents, alumni, and volunteers. The contest will be available from 8:00 am CT on Friday, June 4 through 8:00 am CT on Monday, June 21, 2021. Learn more at 4h.unl.edu/ohjc.

4-H Youth Leadership Conference

Don’t miss your chance to experience the 2021 4-H Youth Leadership Conference! Register by June 1 at go.unl.edu/ylc2021.

Photography Showcase

Calling all 4-H photographers! Submit your photos for a chance to be showcased by Nebraska 4-H! Learn more at 4h.unl.edu/photo-showcase.

Livestock Achievement Program

We’re excited to announce the NEW Livestock Achievement Program. This opportunity is design to promote all educational aspects of the 4-H livestock projects including selection, production, leadership, and exhibition by recognizing youth striving to improve in their livestock project knowledge and leadership. The program recognizes intermediate and senior Members of Excellence across all 4-H livestock project areas, including beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit, and poultry. Learn more at 4h.unl.edu/livestock-achievement-program.

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Washington County Extension | 4-H

Jaki Zahourek, 4-H Extension Assistant - jaki.zahourek@unl.edu

Mickayla Blender, 4-H Ext. Assistant - mblender2@unl.edu

Mary Larsen, 4-H Support Staff - mlarsen9@unl.edu