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The Man Who Held Back his Art

Being by something at all time, being loyal, is a good quality to have in everything, and anything. Brice Marden was very adhering to his work, and career. He had been a Modern Art painter for 40 years, and needed a breakthrough for his next step. After seeing his gallery of paintings, Marden kept going from different ideas to the next on how he should improve, but he was stuck. Other artists were also in this big gallery, and their paintings brought new and different styles of art that intrigued more and more people. Although sticking to tradition, Marden held back his creative thoughts, only sticking to the basic colors, and styles. This only made it difficult for Marden.

Living in Paris, Brice Marden was still happy, and still studying old paintings like he always had. However, the other artist's in his era went ahead, trying new possibilities in their artwork. When Marden went to go his his art showing, he got reports back saying the his backgrounds are "too plain". Of course, this didn't stop him. He then started to use different colors, hoping it would be more striking like the other artist's work.

Later, Marden progressed a lot, giving his brush length a change, and giving different marks on the canvas, similar to what others were doing. Although, he went back after so much change, and from inspired Chinese art. Marden though, soon changed the tension in his strokes, and added curving strokes. In the end, being tired of change, Marden changed a lot in his own way, still bringing wonder to his art. -Brice Marden

The Life of Van Gogh

Imagine if you had a great talent for art, but you were never able to sell any of your work, besides one. That probably didn't happen, but it did for the well-known artist, Vincent van Gogh. Born on the 30th of March, 1853, ever since he was young, Van Gogh loved to draw. It wasn't until his late twenties when he started to paint. Van Gogh had loved art, and he ended up making more than 2,100 artworks. This included 860 oil paintings, and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings, sketches, and prints.

Wanting to sell his artwork, Van Gogh tried, and tried, but only ended up selling one through his whole entire lifetime. He ended up dying due to his self-inflicted gunshot wound. His mental illness had also played a part of his death on June 29, 1890. Even when he was let down, Van Gogh still made an effort for people to buy his work. Persevering, he sold one. After his death, others realized that he was a true artist, and his work was a masterpiece. With total confidence in himself, Van Gogh was able to be known to be an inspiring artist.

Perservering to do what you Love

Being unable to do what you enjoy is the worst feeling. The famous painter, Claude Monet had that happen to himself, "...I was forced to change my tune and give up a lot of promising beginnings and abandon the rest..." He once wrote this in a letter saying that he was "very unhappy" to his friend. He faced a problem that no artist should have, a diagnosed nuclear cataracts in both eyes. This diagnoses enables him to not see colors as well, and sharply. In his paintings, you also see the diagnoses play a role, for the colors were unusual, and together, it gave a "muddy" look. Before Monet had said that he was getting very foggy vision, and thus resulted the diagnoses.

Even with his problem, Monet still continued to paint, for he loved it. He went to find a solution for his diagnoses from many ophthalmologist's, but many had no effecting treatment. Only one French doctor had a well effective treatment, that was eye drops that dilated the pupils, helping him see easier. Unfortunately, the drops only had worked for a little bit, so the treatment ended up fading away. Monet still tried to see correctly, but it never happened. Even so, he was persistent, and began to find a loop hole through the diagnoses, and continued to paint for the rest of his life.

Get inspired by Art: Pablo Picasso

Motivation is always the key to do something great. Because of it, motivation is able to create something wonderful that can be passed on to others. When the great artist, Pablo Picasso receives that motivation, there would be great wonders ahead. Pablo's father also loved art, causing Pablo to take path in it. At age 13, Picasso's skill had already went past his fathers. At that point, all Picasso wanted to do was draw, and nothing else. As he got older, he started to skip his school classes, and go to the city, and draw what he observed. In adulthood, Picasso went into a depressed period after the death of a close friend, Carlos Casagemas. Picasso suffered for a long time, until he pushed through, and continued his art in a brighter perspective.

Pablo Picasso had become a legend to many, and forever will be. In 1907, Picasso created a painting unlike anything before, influencing the direction of art in the 20th century. He had made a big mark in the history of art. The dedication to his art effected, and inspired so many. Not only did he make it out of his depression better than ever, but persevering, and keeping at his art from the day that he was born, to the last.

Art is a Wonder!

Art plays a big role in everyone's life at least once. It influences many, giving them a chance to do great things. Some give up somethings because of self-doubt, or the feel of failure . Now a good thing about art, that there is no right or wrong way to do things. People ask, "How do you get good at art?" Now that is a question that many want answers to, and there are also many answers. One, would be to first build up confidence to try, and try again. Two, get complete focus on what you are doing, and think of no doubts. Three, put lots of dedication into your work, and keep being persistent. Now, it's way easier said than done, but it's always a good thing to keep those thoughts in mind when drawing.

Others struggle in the fact of what to draw, and some give up from that, but when you see other artists, they also get stumped. The difference is they just get that push, and they start trying again. All of this would be categorized in having perseverance, or not giving up no matter what. Along the way, people more into art, strive, and get idea's through perseverance. Only motivation, or ideas aren't always found so easily, that' s why persevering is so important. Hopefully after reading this, your able to see art in a new, wonderful way.