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Infraction Wars

Last year the 7th grade classes competed in "infraction Wars". We thought it was a good motivator, so this year we are adding the 8th grade to the competition. The homeroom with the least amount of infractions in each grade level, for term one will win the competition.

Students can receive infractions for various off-task activities. Please find a list of some of the most common infractions will be listed below. Please encourage your student to be on their best behavior. The students that won the completion last year had a great time participating in their reward activity!

Most Common Infractions




Uniform--usually when their shirt is not tucked in

Off task



These are the ones we struggle with the most. The more serious violations would result in referrals.

Dress for Success

Let's Try an Experiment!

Totally Voluntary

Last year we also had a hypotheses that if we dressed more professionally it might have an effect on our behavior and also how others perceived us. Of course we would still have to comply with the uniform guidelines. Boys agreed to wear button up shirts (uniform colors) and girls wore skirts, dress, or dress slacks (again meeting uniform requirements). We did not do it long enough to gather meaningful data. I thought I would suggest it again.

Anyone that would like to participate in this experiment is more than welcome and highly encouraged.

An experiment that works across the curriculum

Students that volunteer to participate in the "step it up" program could track their own data and compare it to their infractions from the previous year. This experiment can be applies to all subject areas.

Science--They would use the Scientific Method

Math--They would gather and analyze data

Social Studies--They would observe how the environment created by them, could affect their own behavior and the behavior of others.

English--They could write about their experience and observations.