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January 10, 2016

In Case You Missed It:

It was a smooth transition back to school. Thank you for being well planned, present, and in the moment for our children. We know this is when they do thier best. This is a reminder that only one student should be out of your room at a time and have a pass. All of us should monitor that this is happening. If you see students moving around the hallway together and/or without a pass inquire and call the teacher or an administrator if needed. Elective teachers: Remember that we are not sending students back to retrieve anything from their homeroom or core class, either. If they forget their shoes for PE or the laptop for your class, have them do an alternative assignment.

The Admin Team is finishing up the second round of observations. These all should be completed by the end of the week. The last round of observations will begin after benchmarks. We will also include peer observations during this window. More information will come out later about this later.

I sent an email to math and reading teachers Saturday about an in depth training on iReady on February 3. This will take the place of your department meeting for the month of February.

Shout out to Robin Neville and Shannon Johnson for their assistance getting our after school students set up and in for their iReady assessment. I so appreciate everyone's patience with the technology on Thursday and beginning this new program with the reading students. We all know that there are always bumps in the road when we begin something new. There is no way to know all the issues and problems which will pop up until you try it. It will be worth it in the long run, because we know we are targeting individual student needs and delivering differentiated interventions.

The Admin Team is following up with all students on the rosters which have not attended two days in a row. If the student does not have a legitimate reason or say their parent has changed their minds, we are calling home. All correspondence are being documented in the spreadsheet, in case it is ever questioned in the future. If you receive a note from a parent that their child is no longer going to be participating, please make note of this in the spreadsheet.

The Counselors report that we had about 40 eighth graders turn in applications for Lee Early College. Thank you to all of you which turned in references. Nejla reported that this was the best year ever for students turning in complete applications on time. She attributes this to our Eighth Grade Team being vigilant in stressing due dates, constant reminders on our news broadcasts, and our school-wide efforts of teaching our students organizational strategies using AVID binders and agendas. We know these are life skills that will help our children in whatever they do. Kudos to everyone! Keep AVIDizing!

Thank you to all those which took on the responsibility of teaching students to write goals. It is wonderful to walk down the hallway and see this on the lockers. We do need these to be secured with tape on each corner and put NEATLY on lockers. If you see your students did not do this, please fix this. I love how some took the extra effort and backed on construction, put on colored paper, and/or laminated. Thanks for supporting our school's improvement plan, mission and vision for preparing students for their futures.

Congratulations to Linda Davis and family! Linda gave birth to a 7 lb 6 oz baby boy on Saturday. I haven't heard the baby's name or a gotten a picture of the new Stallion. I will pass this on as soon as I receive it.

I received a request from AVID to host Chatham County on February 1. They are researching expanding AVID to middle school. More information will be coming out as I receive it but I wanted you all to be aware we will have visitors on campus Monday, Feb. 1.

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Stallion Teachers Reaching, Growing, and Goal Setting!

Coming Up:

Mark Your Calendars:

Monday: Red Out home basketball game vs. West Lee

Tuesday: Social Studies Final Exam (Separate Setting Students), Math Power Hour, LCS Board of Ed Meeting @ 6pm

Wednesday: Science Department Meeting @ 3pm (Changed due to Power Hours)

Thursday: PTSO Candy Sale Kick Off beginning of electives, Home basketball game vs. West Pine MS, Reading Power Hour

Friday: Last day of 2nd Quarter, 8th Grade Social

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