Ms. Arsenault's Weekly Update

April 18, 2014

CRCT Review

Just a reminder, the CRCT practice packet that went home the Friday before Spring Break is due in full on Monday. Students have had more than two full weeks to complete this assignment. They have been offered help sessions, time in class, as well as time in Study Skills to ask questions and complete the work.

All vocabulary and steps are located in their notes and their books (an online version is available on their eclass page). Several questions are taken directly from examples in the book as well.

Please remind your child to make sure it is completed and turned in on Monday.


We will continue to be using devices regularly in class as we near the end of the semester. We have been working on several assignments/reviews via eclass during class in preparation for CRCT, and we will continue to do this to prepare for the final and ninth grade.

Please be reminded that students need to have turned in their permission form to their homeroom teacher to be able to use their device.

Common misconceptions about BYOD:

If your student has turned in their permission form, they will be given a password to access the school's wifi system so that they are not using up all of their data plans.

The permission form asks for the identification number of the device being used for security purposes only. It does not allow anyone in the school to hack into the device or access it's contents. It is not a requirement that it is given.

Morning Passes...

Please print this flyer for your student to use as a pass to come to my room in the mornings. They will not be let back to my room without it (unless it is a Wednesday or Thursday). Also, please be aware of the available days that students can attend help sessions. Unfortunately, I am not available every morning. If your student has a need for a day other than what I am providing, please contact me in advance so that I can find another math teacher for them to work with and issue a pass.

Help Sessions Next Week: