Six traits of writing!

Makayla Lee


  • Choose a topic that interests you,and fits your assignment.
  • Include facts such as examples statistics,and feelings /thoughts.


  • Have a topic sentence.
  • Main ideas with transition.
  • Detail/tell.


  • Speak in an engaging way that keeps the reader wanting more!
  • Show rather than tell.

Word Choice

  • Use specific nouns and verbs.
  • Use exiting adverbs+adjectives!
  • Use a thesaurus.

Sentence fluency

  • Combine short,choppy sentence's into longer,smother ones.
  • Use a variety of sentences lengths and beginnings.
  • Use simple,compounds,and complex sentences.


  • Use the evaluation sheet for revision.
  • Edit using C.O.P.S, C capitalization, O overall appearance, P punctuation, S spelling.


The Wrting Process


Reasoning/solving problems by group decision or on your own.


It is the first stage of the writing process. And the elements of prewriting is

Compose (rough draft/sloppy copy)

Means to make your first copy of your assignment and then make another one with you re fixes and eventually you have you make your last one with all of your corections


Making a judgment on the amount of something on a assessment.


Making corrections to perfect work to show what is correct and what isn't .


To prepare to share a (written material) and making shure all corrections are finished


To share and give your assesment when completely finished.

Write Tools

T- Table (with color shceme info....Green,Yellow,Red sentences)

Green-topic ,Yellow-big ideas about the topic ,Red-more about it,explain it,support it.

Core 4 topic sentences (green)


To go from one idea to the next idea ect.

Main Idea Sentences (yellow)

To have big ideas about the topic.

Details/Tell me more (red)

To explain it and support your ideas/details.

Conclusion Sentences (Green)

To be the end of the event or process.