Staghorn Fern

Boston fern with 55000 varieties at TN Tree Nursery farm

Give your garden a stunning look with the Stag horn fern

You can find very ideal ferns at TN Tree Nursery farm You can acquire all the required information about the ferns and their categories from our site to avoid difficulty in choosing them for your garden. We have large number of varieties for each product and also gives you package of plants which varies from package to package like package of ten (10) plants, package of fifty (50) plants and package of hundred (100) plants with the additional offer of SALE on the plants.

You can find the 55,000 different variety of the Boston fern from our website. This fern are usually incredibly prolonged and elegant. Having this fern at your garden can make it beautiful to look. They are easily propagated in areas and as well as they adapt dry conditions.

Development factors for Boston fern:

Wealthy, loamy and organic mixture.
ailments: Indirect and vivid light of sun.
Necessities: Maintain the root moist to ensure that they stretch to prolonged height.
Conditions: They will survive less than 50 degree Fahrenheit temperature.
Gardening/ Planting: They
grow inside the season of spring and come to be dead at September.

Maidenhair Fern
is usually an aspect of fern family members which has delicate leaf and wiry stem which have been grown in to the part of indoors. For getting the excellent characteristics of Maidenhair Fern you can place the fern in moderate light. So this fern is basically found in the area of north or east window sill and maintain it far from south and west instructions. Keep watering the soil of the Maidenhair Fern to protect the fern dry. Maintain the Maidenhair Fern in warm location at close to ten degree Celsius temperature. Preserve high humidity in Maidenhair Fern location by utilization of humidifier in the space, or continue to keep the fern in washroom. It is advised to cut off all the dry leaves of the Maidenhair Fern and it also looks beautiful when placed near aquarium and fountain. By purchasing Maidenhair Fern from TN Tree Nursery Farm will make you get pleasure from the much elegance and get good care for this fern.

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