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BYOD is a program being implemented in schools in the U.S. BYOD stands for Bring. Your. Own. Device. it is currently being introduced in all schools between the eighth and tenth grade year of students. This program involves schools buying portable devices such as PC’s and Ipads for use in classrooms, it also involves students bringing in their own devices from home and using them in the classroom. There are many restrictions that are being planned to be put into place alongside this program such as required agreements that have to be signed by the students, banning of the use of Facebook and Twitter, and having those who do not follow the rules be exempt from the program.

My topic is BYOD( or Bring Your Own Device) and how it impacts people individually.

Bring your own device or BYOD is a relatively new trend occurring in both the education and business worlds. This trend consists of students or employees being allowed to bring in their own devices to work or school. They can then use devices that they are comfortable with to do their work or learn. The BYOD trend seems very helpful (which it is), but it also has some cons. A big one is security. Since people would be allowed to use their own devices, companies would not be able to easily mandate usage as opposed to if they gave out the same devices to each employee. Also, each person may not have a device they can use, or their device may not be able to do what is needed.

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  • Employees are usually more satisfied, happy, and comfortable using their own devices

  • Results in work being completed quicker and an increase in productivity

  • Employees devices can be lost, stolen, or compromised

  • Employees have been able to work together much easier

  • Employees can contact each other much easier to accomplish work quicker

  • Keeping files secure and transferring data is harder

  • Office software on the device has to be taken into consideration, want make sure the right type of office is on your device.

  • Bringing your own device can add a sense of flexibility. You can work on projects or other things at home or wherever you want to.

  • Bringing your own device is something that can be very flexible with your jobs because you can work on projects at home or anywhere needed.

  • BYOD programs sometimes save budget by shifting costs to the user, with employees paying for mobile devices and data services

  • According to Ted Schadler, Sr. Vice President of Forrester Research, “The total cost of BYOD is higher than not supporting BYOD”.

BYOD is more about learning how devices can help or hurt your everyday life in and out of school. BYOD influences school significantly in a variety of ways. Here is an example of how it can hurt you at school: They can distract you and others at school when you are supposed to be studying or working. Here is an example on how they can help you: You can use them for a research project or something, especially if your school doesn’t have many computers or devices. Devices have made a really big impact in our global community. They have almost ruined our social skills. Instead of talking to people and getting to know them, people are now always looking down at their phone or something in that instance. We need to spend a little more time outside learning new things.

Latest News

This article is writing by a professional director of Inbound Marketing at Varonis. In this article, his main focus is the impact of the BYOD on human’s work included the security and employee behaviour. It provided an infographic to investigate the data that he collected by the worker who works in a company. This infographic shows that almost of people have lost their device before and there are 22 per cent people this it will affects the security implication for their company even most of them have passport protection of their device. The individual impact is people feel the BYOD will put their data at risk. Therefore, the data security is the main negative impact of BYOD.

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