MIS Monday Message

May 16-20

Almost there!

I think it finally dawned on me this morning that this year is almost over. We're only two weeks away from the end of school! I know you're getting excited about summer vacation and we know the kids are! This will be our last full week of instruction, so we've tried to keep it relatively quiet. Here are a few things for this week:

  • Spelling Bee - this will be on Wednesday afternoon in the cafeteria and all students will attend. Parents are welcome to attend as well.

  • PGP's and Summative conferences - Blake and I will be doing all Summative conferences on next Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure that you have documented in the Notes section on the PGP your peer observation. Everyone will need to complete the Learner Reflection to explain what progress you made this year on your PGP. You are not required to upload any artifacts into Bloomboard, but if you have something you'd like to share with me (documents, pics, etc.) that shows how you've accomplished your PGP, please share them with me in Google instead of uploading additional artifacts. Remember - artifacts are NOT required. Please have the Learner Reflection completed by Friday of this week. If you are on Track 2 (a, b, or c) you will be rated for the year based on your PGP. If you are on Track 1, you will be rated on all components. Please disregard the time that you are scheduled for. I will start as soon as I can and send someone to cover each class while you are meeting with us.

  • Walk of Champions - on Tuesday, May 24th, we will have the Walk of Champions for our 5th graders at the conclusion of their slideshow. This will be similar to what we did on Billies Back the Blue day. Everyone will line the hallways and cheer for our students as they parade through the halls on their way to the 5th grade wing. Please have your students make signs and banners to hold in the hallway. Parents will also be invited to participate. This is a great idea for inside recess if we have any rain this week.

  • Evacuation Drill - We will be having our annual evacuation drill on Thursday. We will just do the evacuation (no lockdown first). We need to do this since we only did the lockdown drill in the fall.

  • STEM Night - Our Shark Tank night will be this Thursday. Teachers and staff are invited to come and watch the winning groups present to the community "sharks." Other students are invited to display their projects as well. This is not a requirement for staff, but we'd love to have you!

Let's have a great week at MIS!

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Update on Vertical Alignment

We had several teachers represent their teams at Vertical Alignment meetings this week. Thursday the math team met and on Friday, the literacy team met. These meetings were a great opportunity for each grade to hear what happens before and after their grade level and have valuable discussions on ways to align our instruction. The product of these meetings will be documents for each grade and content area with the power standards listed, common vocabulary, and other information that is helpful. Thanks to all of you who participated this week!

This work will be shared with all teachers in the district and teams will work to incorporate these standards into all of their units. This is the first time we've had the opportunity to do this in years and it's going to be so beneficial for our students!

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* MAP Testing is May 6 - 20.

Tuesday, 5/17

  • Staff meeting on purchase orders and school supply lists, (short!)

Wednesday, 5/18

  • Grades cut off
  • Spelling Bee, 1:30 pm

Thursday, 5/19

  • Leadership Team meeting, 7:50 am
  • Evaucuation Drill
  • Shark Tank STEM Night, 6 pm

Friday, 5/20

  • Grades uploaded by noon
  • 5th grade dress rehearsal for Talent Show, 1:30 pm


  • May 23, 3rd grade Picnic @ City Park; 5th grade Talent show for 3rd/4th at 1:30
  • May 24, 4th grade Picnic @ City Park, 5th Grade Day (Walk of Champs in pm)
  • May 25, Fun in the Sun
  • May 26, Honors Assemblies
  • May 27, SAR Reward
  • May 30, Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 31, Last day of school