County Show Pig Information

County Show Schedule

Saturday, January 2


Make sure your pig is washed and your pen has clean, dry shavings prior to your assigned clip time

9:00 AM-Pam

9:45 AM-Kat

10:15 AM- Coleton

Sunday, January 3

2:30 PM – Begin loading trailer

Feed troughs, divider panels, buckets, show boxes, blow dryers, clipping tables, water hoses, etc.

3:00 PM – MANDATORY Student & Parent Meeting at Barn

We will discuss all plans and details for the week of county. Show and sale procedures will be discussed.

Bring feed and all supplements for 5 feedings. (Remember we will be feeding 3 times a day. Supplements should NOT be mixed. All items will be provided separately.) $10 for shavings in your pen at county.

3:30 PM – Leave (Everyone except chickens/floral) for McKinney to set up pens. All students must attend; parents are welcome to help, the more help we have, the quicker we will be finished. Students must provide their own transportation.


If you would like assistance in how much your animal should be fed (similar to the way they will be fed while at the show in McKinney)

Monday, January 4

Email or visit your teachers at school (this is a teacher work day) informing of your upcoming absences. Get as many assignments ahead of time as possible, especially for classes starting this semester.

7:15 AM – Feed as normal – Following feeding, bathe your pig and towel dry, clean out shavings prior to putting him back in the pen. Pig MUST be clean upon arrival at Myers Park.

Pigs will be fed 3 times on this day. (The 2nd feeding will take place AFTER being weighed in.

12:45 PM – Load pigs on trailer: Make sure your pig is clean before we load.

If you do not drive, please have a ride available at all times to provide transportation between the project center and Myer’s Park.

1:15 PM – Leave Project Center for Myer’s Park.

8:30-3:30 PM – Pigs Arrive in McKinney (PISD Time: 2:00) All pigs must weigh 100-300 pounds. Pigs will be classified based on breed at this time.

Students will be released following the evening feeding (I will leave Plano around 5 PM for McKinney) and following all dark pigs bathing. Later in the evening classes will be broke, I will send class information out in a text reminder.

7:00 PM-Feed at Myers Park

Tuesday, January 5

8:30 AM-Feed at Myers Park bring show clothes (Bring brush for pocket and show stick)

9:00 AM-12:00PM- All pig students and parents will work in concession stand. Please wear a hat or hair net.

1:30 PM – Show Starts (White OPB, Black OPB, Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Cross) Parents are encouraged to attend to watch the show. After the show all pigs will be loaded on the trailer and return to Plano. Students are not released until their pig has returned to the project center. You are expected to help unload your pig. THIS WILL BE A LATE NIGHT.

Friday January 8th

8:00 PM-MANDATORY Clean Up after the steer show at Myers Park

Saturday, January 9

12:15 PM – Special Award Presentation (Showmanship winners)

12:30 PM – Auction begins. (Only grand and reserve animals will be present at the sale.) It is your responsibility to be prepared to walk across the sale floor at your designated time. Failure to make your time will result in not being auctioned = NO MONEY.

Regardless of your animals placing, I recommend all families attend the auction for the experience. If at all possible, I like for everyone to stay and support all PISD students throughout the sale. Please sit as a group & cheer for all PISD students.

Thank you for helping make these weeks go as smoothly as possible. Please remember, I expect the highest level of sportsmanship from all individuals, at all times. Some students will make the sale, although some students may not be as fortunate, please always be a gracious participant and respectful of all teachers and students. I will not accept a poor sportsman, nor do I allow a boastful winner.

Should you need to communicate with me quickly during this week, text will be the best method. I will review all messages and respond, should it be necessary, at my earliest convenience.

San Antonio Dates

Saturday February 20th-Arrival/Check-In

Sunday February 21st-Spot Show

Monday February 22nd- Dark Cross Show

PISD Hotel-La Quinta 6410 I-35 North (210)653-6619-This is where Plano ISD books us rooms. It is not fancy at all. You welcome to book here or anywhere else you would like. I will send a more detailed schedule next week.


Please join remind group so you can be updated & informed at all times. I will provide LOTS of information during the week.

Text @showhogs15 to 81010