Dairy Queen Summary

By Abbey Kneale


D.J. is a teenage girl who lives on a farm. Her whole family is into football. She has two older brothers who both left for college, and now she is left with most of the farm work. One day, Brian Nelson (quarterback for the rival team) shows up for D.J. to train him, and things kind of escalate from there...

A Scene in the Story

This scene in the story is really important because this is the part in the story when the enemies (D.J. and Brian) become friends. D.J.'s father is friends with the coach of the rival high school football team, Hawley. the coach asks D.J. to train Brian (the quarterback for Hawley) for the upcoming season. She didn't think it would work because just a few days earlier D.J. and Brian got off on the wrong foot. After secretly agreeing that she would train him, they kept it a secret from everybody. She wouldn't want people finding out that she was training Brian Nelson of all people. Because to her, he was stuckup and snotty. Well, as the days progress, the opinions about Brian start to fade away...
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