Annihilate Abuse in Prisons

Law breakers are people too!

What's Happening?

Prison abuse is a terrible thing. Prisoners may have done things wrong, but everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Things are so bad in our prisons that most prisoners never make it out alive. Hardships the inmates face include beating with leathers straps, thumpings with rifle butts, the staking treatment: involved chaining a prisoner to stakes, and pouring molasses over his body while insects crawled all over him, the sweat box treatment, which was the practice of locking an inmate into a wooden box for days which was neither tall enough to stand or wide enough to sit, and the Georgia rack, which was an act of stretching a prisoner between two hooks with a cable and a turn crank, that literally stretched the body. Hygiene, food, and clean water were also issues.

How Can YOU Help?

To assist these helpless people, there are a few things you can do. The first and foremost is to contact your local legislators about arranging some political reforms. another thing is to donate clean food and water to prisons in your area. However, in these situations you must be sure that the food is going to the inmates, not the prison personnel.