Stock Summary

Overall Gain/Loss

Made a profit of $1,806.25

Game Ranking

I came in fourth

Stock Purchase Strategy

I would look at stocks that have fallen down and see if they have trends that zigzag up and down in value. If so, I would buy that stock

Stock Selling Strategy

As soon as I have made a profit off of a stock, I would sell it but will not sell until I have made a profit.

Biggest Money Winner

Valeant Pharmaceuticals was bought by Walgreens to skyrocket its value

Biggest Money Loser

Best Buy did not go up in price after i bought it

Trend Noticed

Many stocks will go up if they have went down previously and go up if they have went down previously

Resources Used

Google has live stock feed

Yahoo Finance allowed insight on how a stock trends

What I learned

Stock is always changing and I have not seen the same stock value two days in a row.