The Bulldog Growl

Week of November 26th

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"Reach Every Student Every Day"


  • November Reading Challenges are due on Monday! Please make sure there is a parent initial in each box that has been completed. All students need to return their paper no matter if it is all finished or not. Thank you!
  • December Reading Challenges were sent home on Friday and are due before we dismiss for Christmas break. Students should choose a book that they're reading independently (at home) during the month of December to complete the pages.
  • A note was sent home on Thursday about our Christmas gift exchange, as well as making gingerbread houses at The Good Sam later in December. I attached the note below for your convenience. I put in the note that the spending limit for the gift exchange is $5 but after thinking more about it, I think $5-10 would be acceptable as well. I will leave that up to the discretion of the family/parents, however please do not spend more than $10. Thank you!
  • Students may bring an ornament from home to add to our classroom Christmas tree if they wish!
  • Students will have artwork on display at The Event Center during the Festival of Trees on Sunday.
  • Students should be bringing snowpants and boots to school. Please help them remember to bring them. If they do not have boots right now, they need a chance of shoes. Thank you!


  • December 3rd - Music Concert 7:00 PM - kids are supposed to bring a pair of sunglasses and a canned good item for the food pantry. Students should arrive to the commons at 6:45 (no earlier).
  • STARBASE will take place (at The Event Center) December 4th-7th. with a Graduation to be held on the 7th. More details will be sent home later
  • DARE Graduation will be held on Friday, Dec. 14th at 2:45 at the Event Center. We would like to extend an invitation to all parents/grandparents to attend.
  • 5th Grade visits Good Sam on Monday, Dec. 17th.
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New Playground is Open!

We had a VERY exciting day on Tuesday when our new playground equipment was open to the students. They are really enjoying the new equipment. Hear what some of the students have to say about it!

  • Ivey - "My favorite part is the new boat that rocks back and forth. It is fun because we get to stand up in the middle and rock back and forth."
  • Kolby - "It is really fun and it is going to be one of the most popular things in the school for awhile. My favorite part is the slide with the bars that spin when you go down."
  • Audi - "I like the rocking boat, the steep slide, and the rolling slide (has the bars that spin)."
  • Lane - "I like the massage slide (bars that spin) because it gives you a massage as you go down the slide if you lay on your back."

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Math Clocks

We are beginning to learn how to add/subtract fractions with unlike denominators. We always open this part of our unit by using clocks as visual aids. On Friday, we introduced the clocks, and we will continue working with them as the semester comes to a close. Ask your child how we can use clocks with adding fractions!
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