My Water Wheel

By, Tracy Catherman

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Three Different Types of Water Wheels

Some Examples of Different Water Wheels

Creating my Water Wheel

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Waterwheel and Birdsong 30 min/Relaxing music

Artist Statement

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Ten Things I learned About Water

1. Water can create a tremendous amount of pressure

2. Water can be manipulated to move, turn, and create energy

3. Water energy was used centuries ago to make paper, crush rock, and move large machinery

4. Clean, drinking water is in serious danger of disappearing

5. Heavy machinery, oil drilling, toxic spills, and changing climates are just some of the threats affecting our drinking supply

6. 72% of Earth is covered in water

7. 97% of the water covering Earth is salty ocean water, only 3% is drinkable

8. I had not considered how fast we are going through our drinking water and this is something that I feel is very important

9. I had not considered how little each of us could do to help make a tremendous difference in the longevity of our drinking water

10. I was not aware of the amount of agencies in our local area, that are working hard to protect our waters and the environment, because they want to make a change

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