Some of the greatest inventions that use electromagnetism

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was interested in the way that electricity worked, and what kinds of things he could do with it. He discovered electrons and isotopes by using the properties of something called a cathode ray.
Tesla also invented the mass spectrometer, and a study that took place after his research was the study of the conduction of electricity in gases.

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction occurs when a circuit that has an alternating current flowing through it that generates a current in another circuit that is simply placed nearby. (textbook answer: the phenomenon of inducing a voltage in a conductor by changing the magnetic field near the conductor)
In motors and generators:
Generators-instead of the electromagnetic force moving the magnet, the coil is instead moved and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Motors-the electromagnetic force moves the magnet and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Super cool inventions that help us in our lives

More Inventions Listed...

Tape Recorder

Through an electrical signal, Mylar tape covered in iron dust passes a varying field of electromagnets, the dust will become magnetized. The earliest known tape recorder was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. His idea created a way for us to record sound.

Electromagnetic Lock

Designed by S.I. Saphirstein, the electromagnetic lock uses a magnetic plate to create a strong field of energy, As long as that lock is in contact with the plate, it will remained closed. The electromagnetic locked has improved our lives today by creating a new branch of security.
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Credit cards

Inventor: Ralph Schneider

The black strip on the back of a credit card is made up of tiny magnetic particles containing your account information. A card could become demagnetized by coming into contact with another magnet. This would make the card unreadable, for the data on the black strip had been rearranged.
Credit cards help us in our day to day lives but allowing us to not have to carry cash.


Inventors: Hanna Montgomery and Katelyn Netherton
What is it? A wireless phone charger
How does it work? Works by charging your phone using electromagnetic waves, across short distances, without the use of a wire.
How would it improve daily life? People would not have to worry about bringing a phone charger places, they could simply use someone else's wireless one.