History of Cellphones

Where cellphones like they are now?

1938-1983 Cellphones

During this span cellphones changed drastically. In 1938 the first portable AM radio called SCR-194 and 195 was invented produced by the US. In 1942 Motorola made the Handie Talkie phone for the US. Handheld Version only weighed 5 pounds. In 1973 Motorola's Vice President Martin Cooper made the first private mobile phone call, wasn't released for 10 years. In 1983 the DynaTAC was released 10 years later. This cellular phone was made for the public weighing under 2 pounds. Costing $4,000 which is $9,000 today.
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DynaTAC 1983

10 years later, this cellular phone was made for the public weighing under 2 pounds.

Cellphones from 1992-2010

History of cellphones

In 1992 Motorola came out with the Motorola International 3200 which became the first hand-sized digital mobile phone that used 2G digitally encrypted technology. One of the first phones to equip a fully functional web experience and integrate an instant messaging client was the danger hiptop in 2002, later re-branded the T-Mobile Sidekick.The HTC EVO 4G FROM Sprint was the first cellular phone to meet 4G standards, running on the WiMAX network. It was sold powered by Android 2.1 and had one of the largest touchscreen displays,
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