Wildcat Weekly November 13, 2023

from: Ms. Piezas

A Message from Ms. Piezas

Today is World Kindness Day. Corvallis is celebrating by intentionally being kind today. While we should always strive to be kind, we are focuing extra hard today.

Happy Diwali!

Yesterday was Diwali. This holiday is full of light and color. In my research for this holiday I learned "It symbolises the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance". What a beautiful thought. I also learned that Diwali is primarily a Hindu festival, variations of Diwali are also celebrated by other faiths.


Our Fall Break is coming up.

Thanksgiving can be upsetting to our Native American, Indigenous, American Indian families. At Corvallis, we will be focusing on the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness.

In honor of our families here is a little history/information about the Ohlone tribe who shaped this land.

Ohlone Tribe in San Lorenzo

The land of San Lorenzo is on the homeland of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. In Chochenyo, Muwekma means “the People.” Ohlone cultures changed over time in the thousands of years that Ohlone people have lived in the area, responding to changes and new arrivals. Ohlone people still live and work in San Lorenzo today. Some continue traditional ways of harvesting and basketry passed down by their ancestors, just as all families remember and continue family and cultural traditions.

I am grateful for the many differnt cultures we have at Corvallis. Our students have rich cultures that we are encouraging them to share. We are also working to ensure that all of our students see themselves in their reading, history, science by diversifying our lessons and curriculum.

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This Week's Schedule

Monday: 1:50 (TK & K) 3:05 (1st-5th)

Tuesday: 1:50 (TK & K) 3:05 (1st-5th)

Wednesday: 1:30

Thursday: 1:50 (TK & K) 3:05 (1st-5th)

Friday: 1:30

November's Events

11/17 1:30 dismissal & Movie Night

11/20-11/24 Thanksgiving Break

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Do not give handwarmers to students to bring to school. Some students brought them to school last week. The students opened the handwarmers and emptied out the contents. This is dangerous and can lead to burns when placed directly on skin. We want to be sure that our students stay safe.
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Absences and Tardies

Every school day is a day of learning for our students. It's important that students are in class on time and ready to learn. Our students line up at 8:33 and are in classrooms at 8:35.

Students entering the building from 8:35-8:45 will be greeted by our staff and given a tardy slip to take to class. After 8:45 students will report to the office to obtain a tardy slip.

If your child will not attend school on a particular day you may email cor.att@slzusd.org or call 510-317-4999. Please leave a voice mail. Our office checks it several times a day.

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12 ways to help kids cope with school anxiety

Many of our students suffer anxiety. As a parent, I know how helpless we can feel when our children are suffering. Here is an article that talks about some things parents can do at home. Please reach out to your child's teacher to discuss your concerns. We want to help you and your child work through the anxiety and enjoy school.


ELPAC Information

English Language Proficiency Assessment for California

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Corvallis Gear

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