Dyslexia in Young Children

How it can affect your child




noun: dyslexia

  1. a developmental disorder which can cause learning difficulty in one or more of the areas of reading, writing, and numeracy Nontechnical name word blindness

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How to recognize dyslexia

Young children with dyslexia usually have more of a difficulty with recognizing and matching letters, connecting the sounds of words to the letters used, and pronouncing the words correctly. Dyslexic children may also have poor motor skills which can cause them to have poor handwriting. This disability causes them to mix up similar looking letters like b and d. In addition to that, words on a page may also seem to "bounce" around on a page and cause them to confuse the order of words in the sentence.

What it can do to your child

Not only does dyslexia have an affect on the way your child learns, it can also take a toll on their emotional state. It can cause many children to feel insecure and could possibly lead to antisocial behavior. Which is why it is crucial for parents of dyslexic children to always be supportive and understanding. Dyslexia can also cause a child to feel frustrated which can lead to further anger issues. It can also lead to depression and ruin their self image.
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how to treat dyslexia

Dyslexia is not treated with medication, the best way to help your child deal with this reading disability is to encourage them to read and practice their writing skills as much as they can. Schools also offer individualized educational programs to children with dyslexia who have been diagnosed over the age of three.
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