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How to Choose a Land Surveyor?

When you need a piece of property surveyed to establish boundary lines or for building purposes, you need a professional land surveyor in Moose Jaw. A surveyor has an important job which may impact other decisions you have to make in regards to your property.

A Professional Team

Many land surveying companies offer multiple services. They often have attorneys and engineers on staff, along with architects and landscaping architects. If you know you will need some or all of these services, you may want to look for a comprehensive team. On the other hand, you may want to choose a company that focuses on surveying alone but can recommend other companies for the services you need.

Price vs. Competency

Never choose a company for land survey services in Moose Jaw in price alone. The industry is comprised of many facets and not every surveyor is trained and knowledgeable in all areas. You want to choose a surveyor with experience in what you need.

A local surveyor will be up to date on the local laws as well as other regulations for the property you need surveyed. He or she can review old records and provide other information that is helpful for your purposes with the property.

A surveyor is the one who provides representation in court if there are legal conflicts about a property. He or she is the one who carries the responsibility for all accuracy of the survey.

What must be understood about cost is that it varies greatly based on the type of survey. However, other factors also weigh on the final expense in having a survey done. For instance, the size and shape of the property and how easy it is to access will impact the cost. Even the time of year can change the price of a survey based on how difficult the weather conditions make the work.

How to Help the Surveyor with What You Need

The quality of work you receive from a surveyor is partially dependent on you and the information you provide. You must explain why you want a survey, so that the surveyor can recommend the right type of survey. You will also receive the right amount of detail based on your purposes. For instance, you can tell the surveyor to provide a list of any easements on your property and they will be shown on the map or plat with the information requested.

You must provide a legal description and current title for the land you want surveyed. Based on the information, the surveyor will mark the borders of the property and provide the results on the plat or map. If there are conflicts, the title company or attorneys can address them based on the information from the surveyor.

Because a surveyor has such as an important job, you should take time to find the right one for your needs. Ask for recommendations from others who have had survey work done. Choose one that has the competencies you need to ensure you get the right results.

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