Ernest hemingway

by: john yeppez

Who is ernest

1)He loves fishing.

2)He had a stubborn mom who wanted a girl so when he was fur his mom dressed him like a girl.

3)He wanted to fight in world war ll , but due to his bad eyesight they didn't let him.

4)He once stole a urinal from his favorite bar.

5)He was a failed KGB agent.

6)He shot the sharks to stop them from his catch.

7)Ernest killed himself with his favorite shotgun.

8)Ernest used to put food ingredients in his column.

9)Ernest survived over 15 diseases.

10)He married 4 times and divorced 3 times.

More about him

11)he thought he was being watched all is life and the spy that watched him admitted it.

12)he used his head as a batter ram for a locked plane door on fire.

13)there is a whole society of look a likes

14)american, orson wells became friends with him after a fist fight in the theatre

15)his brother found a nation near Jamaica that had currency and everything

16)he once wrote a 6 word story

17)he is know to be born in oak park, IL

18)he met J.D Salinger

19)he wrote one play

20)he was awarded a bronze star for under fire.