Science 4.9 - Acidification Lab

Our Atmosphere Gases

Carbon Dioxide |

Sulfur Dioxide |Creates an Acidic Solution

Hydrogen Chloride |

Limestone and Sinkholes


  • Porous (holds water)
  • Soft
  • Soluble in H2O (Carbonic Acid)

Florida Sinkholes:

  • Lots of Limestone
  • Water underground (aquifer)
  • Once covered with with ocean --> soft calcium deposits (dead animals)

Sulfuric Acid Notes

- Discovered in 8th century by alchemist ---> Alchemy (Chemistry)


  • Lead Acid Batteries (cars)
  • Fertilizers
  • Steel Industry ---> Prevents rust corrosion
  • Dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Phenol Red

PH Indicator

  • Red: Basic (Good)
  • Clear: Acid (Bad)


  • Phenol Red changes as Carbon Dioxide is added into Water
  • Carbon Dioxide turns to carbonic acid lowering the PH of the Water
  • Calcium Tablet is more soluble inside water with the straw
  • Carbonic Acid lowers PH so it dissolves calcium faster

Ocean Acidification

Normal PH is 8.1 - 8.4
  • Oceans PH has decreased by 0.1 (about 25%)
  • Lower Ocean PH means sea animals with shells will not be able to make a shell. (EX: Crab, Shrimp, Clam, Etc.)