Monday, April 27, 2015

Staffing Updates

Jessica Galindo is expecting her second child late summer. She will not be returning to Arcado next school year. She and her husband have decided she will stay home with the children. We wish Jessica much happiness as she transitions to full time stay at home mommy!!!

Physical Inventory~Time Sensitive Information

We have received word from the school district that we must complete a physical inventory of our school. This is an important process to our continuous quality improvement in GCPS. Arcado has over $1 million of physical inventory. We must be able to verify this to our the district.

Teachers~ you will receive a physical inventory sheet in your mailbox Monday morning. Turn around is going to be quick on this task. Turn in your completed inventory to Koki's mailbox on or before Friday, May 1.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Arcado ES Grade Reporting Timeline 4th Nine Weeks 2014 - 2015

Friday – May 15th –

1. Teachers enter all grades by the end of the weekend. See separate instructions. Read

these carefully; choosing the correct grading scale for each assignment.

2. All DDA’s must be entered.

3. Grades roll to SASI during overnight process.

Monday – May 18th –

1. LSTC sends .pdf of report cards to teachers to check grades.

2. Teachers verify grades and make necessary changes in Gradebook.

3. Teachers email LSTC that they have checked grades and made any

necessary changes.

4. Grades, including changes, roll to SASI during overnight process.

Tuesday – May 19th –

1. Printing report cards for teachers begins with teachers who have emailed LSTC.

2. Teachers finish verifying grades and will make any necessary changes in

Gradebook then email LSTC that this is done.

3. Overnight process will update all grades in SASI Grades.

Wednesday – May 20th –

1. Reprint report cards, as needed.

2. Teachers fill report card envelopes.

3. Emergency additional changes to grades can be made by teachers in Gradebook. Must

notify LSTC that changes are being made and new report cards must be run

on Thursday.

4. Overnight process will update all grades in SASI Grades.

Thursday – May 21st –

1. Reprint report cards, as needed.

2. Report cards sent home with students.

Teacher input needed on Georgia Performance Standards in Science and Social Studies

The following email from Dr. Martha Reichrath at the DOE is seeking science and social studies teacher input on new Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Links to the GPS surveys are provided.

The State Board of Education is asking for your help in evaluating the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in both Science and Social Studies. The Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs) are assisting in this effort.

We realize teachers understand the practical content and delivery of GPS. With that in mind, we are asking for your assistance in communicating this survey opportunity to your Science and Social Studies teachers. Teachers will be able to review and provide recommendations for each Science and Social Studies GPS.

Teachers will be able to participate in the survey beginning on Thursday, April 16 through Monday, June 15, 2015.

Survey links are provided below.


Social Studies:

Thank you for your attention to this critical survey opportunity. If you need additional information, please contact Shaun Owen at , Social Studies Program Manager, or Juan-Carlos Aguilar at, Science Program Manager.