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"Let me start by sharing that as we enter our fourth week of the 2020-21 school year, I could not be more proud and impressed by the majority of what we are hearing and seeing as our students, teachers and families are learning how to navigate distance learning. Although overall, distance learning is moving along for staff and students alike, it is not without its hurdles and occasional glitches. When looking at the overall situation and how everyone has stepped up to meet the challenges, I can’t help but marvel at the resiliency and perseverance that has thus far resulted in an excellent percentage of our students meeting with their teachers virtually each day, completing their assignments and making the best of the less-than-perfect situation of not being able to engage with their teachers and classmates in person.

What we know at this point is that Riverside County’s COVID-19 statistics still leave us in the “widespread” category, which means that we cannot physically open our classrooms at this time. The good news is that the positivity and hospitalization rates as well as the number of daily cases has been declining for the past several days. If this continues for the next couple of weeks, we will move to the next category and begin planning implementation of our hybrid program, during which we can start to bring back some students to campuses with the goal of up to 50 percent of each class in classrooms two days a week and continued distance learning on the other days." (Please read full article below or at - Dr. Lyon, Superintendent of Schools

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Distance Learning 101- Parent Workshop Video Recordings

Learn about how you can support your child during Distance Learning. Visit to view video tutorials in both English and Spanish.

Think Together After School Care

Think Together partners with schools to provide students with academic support and life skills. Due to guidelines around COVID-19 our program will be operating in a distance learning platform and hours will vary by student needs.

Community Resources

See here for contact information and schedules for local agencies providing food, health care and financial support.

Student Meal Schedule

PSUSD will only be able to feed students enrolled in PSUSD schools. Families will receive a meal card in the mail. Meals will be distributed on Wednesday mornings between 7:00-8:30 am. See flyer for details and locations.

Mental Health Resources

Information regarding mental health tips and services for students during this difficult time.

Family Center Services Fall 2020

We know that every family has different needs at this time and the Family Center wants to know what we can do to help. Despite the distance, we are here for you and want to continue providing support and resources.

Enrichment Activities

Here are some online resources to help you and your family continue learning and having fun while at home.

PSUSD Technology Guides for PSUSD Parents

The tools that teachers will be using will vary by classroom and school sites so please find out from your child's teacher about what technology tools your child should be utilizing for instruction.

For chromebook & hotspot support, contact:

Grades TK-5 email:

Grades 6th-8th email:

Grades 9th-12th email:

For technology replacement, visit a "Tech Depot."

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