John Abeel - Cornplanter



Corn planter was born of a Senece mother and a Dutch father in 1750. His father was a gunsmith and was gladly accepted into the family for his ability to fix guns. As the seneca were matrilineal he was accepted into his mothers clan.

Years as a chief

War Chief

Cornplanter became know as the war chief of the seneca when the allied with france in the french and indian war. He was at bradocks defeat. Though during the revolutionary war the seneca fought for the british, even though cornplanter wanted to stay neutral. The majority of the iroqouis decided to side with the british in the war, the seneca would decide to follow the majority vote. Because of the seneca status as war chiefs three iroqouis nations would follow...

  • The mohawk
  • onondaga
  • cayuga

After the Revolutionary War

After the war cornplanter recognized the need for positive relations with the new "american" government. He would become one of the main negotiators in disputes between native americans and the white settlers. Cornplanter would work with the united states, cities, and quakers to improve relations and living conditions of his fellow natives.

He would later be disillusioned by his brother porphecy about the white mans influence on there changing culture, they thought the only cure for the alcohol problem in the tribe was to return to there regular ways.