8 Purple News

Winter Edition

Keep up the effort!

We are already nearing the halfway mark of Term 2 - time is flying! It is super important for all our students to keep up the effort. The weather is getting colder and the work is getting more intense. Don't neglect your homework, study every night and keep your stuff well organized.
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Ugly sweater contest is coming on December 23rd ... start shopping! We expect lots of participation from our 8th graders.

Google Classroom

Every day you should check Google Classroom for each class.

Spotlight on 8 Purple Teachers - What's Happening?

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Keeping your stuff organized with Mrs. McGarry

As you know, I HEART Organizing. Keeping your school stuff together in a neat way will save you lots of time and trouble. Each subject should be separated in it's own notebook or binder. Check out the link below for some great tips on organizing your middle school binders. Follow the story of Sara to see how she gets some help organizing her belongings. http://www.middleschoolguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/TMSSGRW-SW-pp.-20-33-The-Binder.pdf
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French Food Buffet avec Madame Murray

December 9th was the annual French Food Buffet for 8th grade French students. Students helped create and got to sample authentic French cuisine. We had a marvelous lunch of croissants, chocolate mousse, escargots, crepes, creme brulee, baguettes, lots of cheese and much more! Thanks to all who helped make this such a fun day!
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Scary story time with Mrs. Dwyer

Mrs. Dwyer's classes have just wrapped up a "thriller" unit with a group map project for the short story The Most Dangerous Game. Next, English students will begin an interesting and extensive unit on the story of Anne Frank and her experience during the Holocaust.
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Anne Frank and the Holocaust Unit - Coming soon in English!

Mrs. Flagg makes fossils fun

In science, students have begun using evidence provided from fossils and rock layers to be able to interpret events that happened in the past. Classes modeled the processes of making four different types of fossils: molds, casts, carbon films, and permineralized remains and were able to compare and contrast them. Next students will be comparing rock layers to determine relative age.
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Knowing your rights with Mr. Kuzmich

8 Purple students have been studying the Bill of Rights. This is an important and applicable unit that all Americans should familiarize themselves with. Check out the video below for a fun look at how Disney interprets the Bill of Rights.
Bill Of Rights (Disney Version)