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Cox Elementary

Hawthorn's Hype

It sounds like some great learning took place over Feb. Conference! I realize that this time of year it is a challenge to get things accomplished during planning time due to all of the meetings, etc. When I ask what I can do...you typically say time and give me a smile. There is not a lot I can offer in that area, however, there will be no staff meeting today after school and next week's leadership meeting is cancelled. AND, Team meetings on Feb. 17, Cancelled! We will have a staff meeting after school next Wednesday. so please put that on your calendar. Our 4th grade team will be presenting. Since I am cancelling meetings, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, communicate with me and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read all emails and bulletins!


Up & Coming...

Friday: Soup for the Soul by PTA

Tuesday: PTA Board Meeting (time to request $$ if needed)

Friday: Valentine Parties! (Feb. 12)


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