Appy Hour

Hello Summer!

We made it!

I wanted to just say a word of thanks to you for the way that you welcomed me to Hosp this year! Stepping back in to full-time work after being only part-time for two years...well...kicked my tail a little bit. There was a lot that I wanted to do here as your DLC that I never made happen, and I appreciate - more than you could know - the grace you've extended to me. I'm very thankful that I was able to come back to a school so very warm and welcoming!

I'm looking forward to supporting you and learning right alongside you next year. I hope you have the most fun, relaxing, and much deserved summer break!

Tech for Your Own Kids!

I came across a few lists of great apps that you can use at home this summer with your own kids, but I'm looking into some of these to install on our iPads for next year as well. In the description, it tells whether it's free or paid, what the app does, and the age for which it's appropriate.

Tech Tools for Learning at Home

Drawing Games

The ones below are just a few of my favorites. Check it out!

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