By:Ryan w

So what is a scorpion?

A scorpion is an arachnid it has six legs and two pincer arms. It has weapons to defend itself, it has a stinger and claws.
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What is a scorpions diet?

A scorpion eats different things including: bugs tiny lizards even each other!
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Is a scorpion a vertebre or a invertebrate?

A scorpion is a invertebrate an animal without a backbone. other invertebrates may include insects arthropods ect.
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How many species of scorpions are there?

Well there are about 3,500 species of scorpion in the world. There are scorpions all over the world every place except Antarctica.
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Dont let scorpions infest your home!!!!

Here are some tip you should know: if you see a scorpion in your house call an exterminator IMMIDIATELY!!!!!!!
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