Volume 1 Issue 23

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Resilience
Thought of the Week:
I'm not saying that I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark a mind that will change the world. (thanks Mr. Lewis for sending the quote)
Friday Funday: The Spring Dance is Friday! All staff members that come to the dance dressed in something reminiscent of the 60's will receive a jeans pass and a pass for the "gift of time" which is the ability to leave at 2:30 on any day except faculty meeting day. Can't wait to see you!
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Important Information

  • Grade level chairs will meet Wednesday in the media center. Please send any questions or concerns to your grade level chairs no later than Wednesday at noon.
  • The deadline for filling out the SCDE Teacher Survey is this Tuesday. Remember, this survey is a collection of your thoughts about the entire school year. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • This Thursday and Friday we will hold interviews for our open teacher positions. Thank you for taking care as many of your discipline issues/concerns on your own. In addition, Mr. Finch will be out Wednesday-Friday, so we will have a substitute receptionist in the office as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the latter part of the week.
  • Everyone should be in the process of completing the two required peer observations. The observations should be completed by May 12th.
  • As a reminder we have a few teachers that work with students in the leveled book room. Please do not allow students to go into the room unaccompanied. We have found that the chalk boards and magnetic letter boards that the teachers use with their students have been disturbed, therefore causing the lessons that the teachers have planned with their students to be delayed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • The school board will visit us tomorrow at 11:45. Thank you to everyone for makings sure that the halls are full of student work and for your encouraging words along the way. You are appreciated.
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Most Valuable Player

This week's MVP goes to Donna Jackley and Amy Wilson. Read below what one of our FMES team members had to say about these two ladies.

A big shout out to Donna Jackley for always being so willing to help, even when it means extra work for her. Thank you for always being so approachable with any kind of question or problem!!!!!

A big shout out to Amy Wilson, for going above an beyond to help a coworker...even though it had nothing to do with academics....and everything to do with "straightening" things out! So blessed to work with such wonderful people!!!!!

Congrats ladies! Have a wonderful week everyone!