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MHS Graduation Information & Senior Events

Dear MHS Families,

We are excited to celebrate our Seniors as they finish out their time here with us! Please see the attached letters for information about Graduation and upcoming Senior events.

MHS Instrumental Music & Choral Ensembles Adjudication

On June 1st, the MHS Instrumental Music and Choral ensembles performed for adjudicator, Dr. Mark Kadetsky (Rowan University/Little Egg Harbor Township), as part of their Hershey Music Festival performance. The adjudication was made up of performances by each ensemble, a workshop/critique conducted by Dr. Kadetsky for each of the ensembles, and was concluded with ratings for each ensemble.

The Varsity Singers and Touring Choir received Silver ratings and the Concert Band and Chorus received Gold ratings for their performances.

All of our students performed admirably, enjoyed the experience, and learned valuable lessons from Dr. Kadetsky's workshops.

Congratulations to all!

Visual Arts Program In-Person Art Show

After a two year wait, the students in our Visual Arts program got a chance to celebrate their accomplishments with an in-person Art Show that was located in the High School library. Works by both Introduction To Draw and Paint and Advanced Art classes students were represented in the show. The students did an amazing job showing off the work that they have done over the course of the school year.

The Community Corner

Starting May 28, 2022, the Middlesex Community Pool is holding a logo creation contest. The artwork must contain either “MCP” or “Middlesex Community Pool” in the design. The designer of the winning logo will be able to choose one item from the Pool Apparel Store bearing their winning logo and will have a framed exhibit at our Front Desk. The logo will be used by the Middlesex Community Pool on its website, on its social media channels, and on apparel in their newly-created store.

The Logo Contest is open to everyone. Enter as many times as you like! Entries must be received by 07/04/2022. There is no fee to enter the contest. A completed entry form must be included.

Upcoming Events @ MHS

· 6/16 - Finals - Language Arts & Social Studies

· 6/20 - Finals - Science & Mathematics

· 6/21 - Finals - World Languages & Make-Ups

· 6/20 - Varsity Athletics Ceremony

· 6/21 - Varsity Athletics Ceremony - Rain Date

· 6/21 - Senior BBQ

· 6/22 - Graduation

· 6/22 - Senior Breakfast

· 6/23 - Graduation - Rain Date

Use the link below to see the latest schedules for softball, golf, track, tennis, and baseball!

Blue Jays Spring Sports Schedule

Ceramics Students - Clay In Mind

Students in our Ceramics program participated in the “Clay In Mind” event this past Saturday at Sayreville High School. Students had the opportunity to have their work judged by professional artists and be selected for an exhibit at the Noyes Art Garage in Atlantic City on June 18th.

The following students pieces were selected for the exhibit:

  • Gannat Moustafa, Nicolas Penaloza Galeano, Kennedy Meixner, Taylor Matula, Lizbeth Gutierrez, and Christie Doll

4th Marking Period

The fourth marking period ends on June 21st. Students need to make sure they are regularly checking Genesis to ensure that they have handed in all of their assignments and made up any tests or quizzes from when they have been absent. In general, pupils will be allowed 1 day to make up missed work for each one day of absence.

Lateness to School/Lateness to Class

We all run late sometimes. Sometimes a child will feel sick or tired some mornings, or other situations will prevent them from being on time. And as you've likely experienced by now, the older children get, the less likely they are to leap out of bed on their own at a reasonable hour.

But chronic lateness eventually takes its toll on your child's overall educational experience. When students come to class late, not only does it mean they've missed important instruction, it can disrupt the flow of a lecture or discussion, distract other students, impede learning, and generally erode class morale. It forces the teacher to catch each student up as they enter the class which then interferes with the amount of time the teacher has for the day's lesson.

You can track your child's daily attendance as well as their class attendance in the parent portal. If you click on the drop down menu on the left, then click on attendance and if you further click on daily attendance in the left hand corner, you will see a drop down menu that allows you to see their individual class attendance. Students who are chronically late to school receive detention which can also be seen in the parent portal.

One Idea for Lateness to School - A New Alarm Clock

If your teen is struggling to wake up in the morning, a new alarm clock might help them get out of bed. Sometimes cellphone alarms aren’t loud enough. And your teen’s cellphone may be one of the things interfering with their sleep. Your teen may be staying awake too late because they are scrolling their social media feed or replying to text messages in the middle of the night.

Place the alarm clock on the other side of the room, so your teen has to get out of bed to shut it off. There are even trickier alarm clocks out there—ones that roll across the room so you have to chase them or alarms that slowly turn on lights to mimic the sun :)

Student Safety During Drop and Pick Up

The health, safety, and security of our students remain a top priority for our district. We want to share again our student drop off procedures for Middlesex High School. In order to reduce some traffic congestion, we recommend that students in grades 9 and 10 enter through the front entrance of the school at Door #1 while students in grades 11 and 12 enter through the rear of the school at Door #14. Door #14 is at the back of the school off Second Street. Parents should form a one way loop using the road closest to the pool (Milton Place) to come in and drop off at the back door and leave out the road second closest to Route 28 (Pearl Place). The road closest to Route 28 has a sign that reads "This is not an exit".

If parents wish to drop their child off and then access Bound Brook Road eastbound (towards Dunellen), the safest way to do that would be by traveling behind the school and accessing any of the side streets (Second, First, High, Main or North Lincoln) to access Bound Brook Road. This would alleviate further congestion and backups on Van Ness Drive and be safer for all motorists in the area.

Students walking to school and wising to cross Bound Brook Road shall obey all traffic signals and shall do so only at the pedestrian signal located at Bound Brook Road and John F. Kennedy Drive, manned by a crossing guard 7:30-8:30am and 2:30-3:30pm on school days.

Please try to plan accordingly based on traffic at that time of day. Our school is open for students starting at 7:20am. School starts promptly at 8am. Thank you!

Leaving School Early

While we would prefer that parents schedule appointments for their children for afterschool hours, we understand that it is sometimes not possible. If your child needs to leave school early, please provide us with a note in advance letting us know what time your child needs to leave, whether they will be returning, and who will be picking them up. Please note that students need to be in school for 4 hours for the day to count for attendance. Students under 18 cannot sign themselves out.

If your child is not feeling well after arriving at school, they need to go to the nurses office to be evaluated before they can be released from school.

MHS Digital Announcement Board

In order to keep everyone informed of all of the various events and initiatives at the high school - whether in school or virtual - we have created the MHS Digital Announcement Board which can be accessed from the high school website. Please refer often to it for the latest announcements!
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