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Peter Piper Fundraiser

Wednesday, Oct. 6th, 11am

8250 Marbach Road

San Antonio, TX

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, Oct. 8th, 12am

8138 Westshire Drive

San Antonio, TX

Teachers will be scheduling a time to meet with you to discuss our child's progress.

Dia de los Muertos Altar Exhibition and Contest

Saturday, Oct. 23rd, 12am

434 South Alamo Street

San Antonio, TX

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 25th, 12am

8138 Westshire Drive

San Antonio, TX

Monday-Favorite Sports Jersey or T-Shirt

Tuesday- Pajama Day

Wednesday- Crazy Sock/Hair Day

Thursday- Craziest Mixed Up Outfit

Friday-Story Book Character Parade

Fall Festival

Friday, Oct. 29th, 2pm

8138 Westshire Drive

San Antonio, TX

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LPS has partnered with San Antonio Threads to provide a mini threads.
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LPS has partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank! Stay tuned for food distrubution dates.

Little Free Library

School by: Stacy Rodriguez

Usually people have a safe place at the beach, at the malls shopping with their friends, or even with their family.

But me no my safe place is at school where I can learn so I can become something big in life. Something I have been dreaming of since I was little.

Something I know I can accomplish with the support of the environment made at this school.

Like how in the morning we practice and talk about our lives and how we feel in the morning circles.

And how they include everybody and understand complicated situations.

Its something I wish my other schools had.

I wish they had a system of love, support, and comfort adding to the fact that I can focus and learn something new and what I love everyday.

And it's not the fact that my friends are here that make it my safe place.

It's the fact that it doesn't feel much at all like school. It's home to me. That makes it my safe place.

Resources for Parents

Back-to-School Resource Guide

A great list of articles to cover whatever topic might be on your mind, with respect to your child's return to school.

Thinking about how to help your child succeed?

This article is filled with helpful advice and guidance for all ages.