Weather Resources

Kindergarten Research Project

Bookflix (Metcalf library page)

User name: tmetcalf

Password : bookflix

Pages 1-4 What does Spring look like? (includes spring weather examples)

Pages 5-8 What does Winter look like? (includes winter weather examples:

Pages 9-12 Rainy weather days

Pages 17-20 What does Fall look like? (includes fall weather examples)

Pages 41-44 Snowy weather days

Kids InfoBits (Metcalf Library page)

Password: metcalf


  1. Click on science button
  2. Click on weather and climate button
  3. Click on any of the available topics
  4. View articles, books, and pictures

This is a very fun and user friendly site!

World Book (Metcalf Library page)

User name: metcalf

Password: wildcats

Early World steps:

  1. Click on know it
  2. Click on weather
  3. Click on topics available
  4. Make sure to view the "more fun" tool bar at the bottom of the topic box
Kids steps:

  1. Use the search bar to research any weather topic you are researching
Need help accessing the Metcalf library online resources? Please feel free to contact me for additional help:


Mrs. Story