by: Laura Hillenbrand Read J.Timmer


Louie Zamperini is a mischievous young man that likes to steal. As he gets older Louie tries out for the track team to Louie's surprise he makes it on the team. later Louie does many amazing things such as run in the Olympics to being a POW in world WII.

Louie at the Olympics

Louie was in the 1936 Olympics when he was only in high school. Louie set a record for the fastest american lap in history and to think a teenager was the one to do it.

Louie in the war

Louie was sent to the war after the Olympics and was deployed in Hawaii. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Louie was sent to wake island and was a bombardier for a B24 bomber plane. when Louie and his crew where searching for another bomber in the Pacific Ocean when his plane went done and he was stranded in the middle of the Pacific.

Louie as POW (prisoner of war)

Louie was captured after 47 days on a raft with three other people. Louie was captured and sent to POW camp and was abused by a man that he nicknamed the Bird. the bird was promoted and was sent to another camp. Later Louie was sent to the same camp that the bird was at about a year later Louie found out the war was over.

Louie after the war

Louie was very dangerous after the war he relied on whiskey to keep him sane the bird would haunt him in his dreams. Louie went to church on day but he was not in belief of god but he listened to the priest and remembered a promise made with god on the raft that if he got him off the raft he would serve him for as long as he lived. Louie quit drinking and became one with god.

Louie Zamperini 1917-2014

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